Over Did It

Omg. I woke up and I’m swollen from head to toe. I had to take my rings off because my fingers have doubled in size. My feet look like flippers with sausages attached to them! Ugh! Had to take my husband to work cuz he is in the process of rebuilding the motor in his car and take my daughter to.grandma’s cuz they are going school clothes shopping. If it wasn’t for having to deliver people places I’d still be asleep…more like in a coma! Ugh

And I must have a pinched nerve in my upper back cuz if I’m laying on my right side my arm from shoulder to finger tip goes numb and same if I switch sides to my left…blah

I know it Punkin, but then sometimes you are just as bad even if you don't over do it! Sometimes you just can't seem to win! I still want some of those cupcakes, girl! You all have us slobbering for those! HA!

Good grief! I didn't know this could happen from fibro! Are you sure it's just the fibro? If I were you, I'd check with the doctor to be sure.

Are you any better now? And what about the pinched nerve sensation? Boy, I hope all of that has subsided! How awful!

Feel better!

Im still sore but the hands have gone down a little bit. The pinched nerves happen all the time. Doc says its fibro. And that I need to stretch the muscles more. But I think I need an adjustment on the 3rd if not sooner.

Wctuallythey say vacuuming is one of the best household workouts you can do because it works many different muscles.

Yow! I've never had the pinched nerve issue. Sorry that you do cause it sounds PAINFUL as sin!

Yeah, an adjustment sounds like a good idea, for sure. Sooner sounds like an even better idea. I don't know how you cope with the pinched nerve pain. It's sending me into a swivet just thinking of it.

It's also the one that I've refused to do for years because it kills my back. Thankfully my sister (with whom I live) loves to do it. It's just a killer on a bad back - or a fibro back.

Sorry that you're suffering today, Caren. Me too, from a busy work day yesterday. Today must be Flareday instead of Thursday.

You should be awarded a medal. Why are medals only for male fields? Working like you did, with your illness PLUS six moody children = almost sainthood. Definitely worthy of a medal. I don't know how you do it, Caren. Bless you, though.