Pain medication/ Narcotics help

I was wondering what everyone takes for pain? I have seen this question posted before but I have been seriously thinking of going back to the pain management specialist and telling him that there has only been two times in the past 3 years that I actually felt great without this dreaded pain. One time was when I had my colonoscopy and was given Fentenel ( a narcotic) and then last week when I had my Angiogram I was given the same thing. I was so happy to actually be pain free, I did not realize how much pain I actually had untill it was gone. Sadly for only a short time. I am familiar with this pain med as I am a nurse and have given it many times for pain control to patients after surgery. I have had patients tell me it comes in a patch and is released gradually. I’m sure it’s very addicting , but I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to have no pain. Actually after my colonoscopy I felt so good I told my mother lets go shopping, we had lunch and shopped for hrs, I could never do that with this pain. Has anyone ever had this experience with this narcotic or is anyone on it ? I think if we all stood togeather and complained about this dreaded pain perhaps someone would listen !

Yes, I always say after a colonoscopy how "that's the only sleep I ever get is when they give me iv versed and demoral or fentanyl." Pretty sad when you actually look forward to getting a colonoscopy. Not really, but you know what I mean. LOL

They make Fentanyl patches and Lidocaine patches. I'm too sensitive but I know others that use them. They said they cut them in pieces and apply them to the bad pain areas. Talk to your doctor about them.

Hmmmm, well I do recall feeling VERY happy after the sedative I was given for my nerve cauterization. But it wore off waaaay too quickly.

Sadly, I don't usually feel better with narcotics. But if it works for you, it's worth a try to ask. But I'm guessing that with the new clamp down it's going to be harder to get them.

Those lidocaine patches did zip for me. Has anyone else had any luck with them? They're a great idea if they actually work for people.

Hi petunia, your prob right about the clamp down, & the lidocaine patch does nothing, so my dr gave me flector patches ( they are similar to the lidocaine ) I put one on my lower back and it does help a tiny bit, I also have 4 bulging discs in my neck so I use it there as well, at times when my left elbow hurts I use it there, maybe we just need an entire body patch ha ha, the crap we go through … I try to smile :slight_smile:

Fentanyl is the best pain med I have ever taken, it totally seperates you from the pain, but when I went to Johns Hopkins and the Asst Professor of Pain Management saw that I was on Actiq, he flipped out, said it was a wonder it had not stopped my heart! He raised hell with me, then called my Doctor and screamed and raised hell with him. He said it was only for stage 4 patients, meaning end of life patients.

I know that PM Docs offer the patch, it is good, but nothing like those lollipops!!

Hey dee, thanks for that info, I'll have to try those, I had to laugh the ad says they are for acute pain of sprains, strains and bruises, so what kind of pain do they think we have it you can have acute pain from a burise!!!????

I keep seeing those lawyer ads on the tv about fentanyl? That's kind of worrisome.

Oh really, I haven't caught those yet! Oh joy, something else to worry about!


I have heard of fentanyl here in the UK then so I will put that on my shopping list when I see my pain specialist next month. I might have to persuade him with a gentle squeeze of the throat though, but its worth a try. I will prob actually start crying and get a prescription for something lame in reality though. If I am "lucky" I will let you know how it goes. But don't hold your breath.