Pain Record Sheets

Hey there,

I have made a pain diary sheet for someone on here and though that other people may benefit from using it. You can use it to keep a record of your pain yourself, or to help in benefit/welfare claims, or to help with medical appointments. Feel free to modify it as you see fit.

I suggest either printing a stack or having a folder on the computer to save each record to. I would also suggest using one sheet for each distinct episode of pain in a day (so not every time you have a headache but every time that headache is a different character). I hope this helps. Mikexx

See attached

1918-painrecord.rtf (1.03 KB)

Somehow I wasn't able to download this on my computer.

Ok I got it downloaded. That's great Mike. I like it. Thank you!!

Downloaded ....Thats a great chart! Thanks again very kind of you this is going to help me and others alot xx

Ah bless you Mike xx

Thank you.So nice of you to do that