Petition to stop denying meds

Hi everyone. Finally some people in this state are getting together to try to stop the horrible practice of denying pain meds to people who need them. I understand that it's not just Florida but a few states are having the same issue. Would you all please follow the link I provided below and sign this petition to help ? Although the petition is to be taken to the Florida Congress, once it starts here then something can be done in the other states where they have this problem. The DEA is getting out of control so doctors are afraid to write the scripts, Pharmacists are afraid to fill them, and patients are getting verbally abused and treated as addicts and having to drive all over town trying to find a pharmacists that will fill it. Many people are ending up in emergency rooms because they're going into withdrawal and it's adding insult to injury. As you all know, stress adds to our condition, and every month when I have to go to the Pharmacy I start going into anxiety wondering if I'll get verbally abused or just denied. In trying to combat the drug addicts, they have gone too far in the other direction. PLEASE HELP. Thank you and I wish everyone a pleasant and pain free weekend. .................. Michelle

Degenerative disc disease is very painful to deal with!

The medical community is still not taking Fibromylagia seriously, so perhaps this term needs to be used instead, or more often. Were you given a reason for this, a type of arthritis? Have you seen a Rheumatologist yet?

I signed your petition. It's outrageous that people in chronic pain cannot get relief because people like Michael Jackson abuse drugs. I mean, what are pain meds for? To help stop PAIN. Duh. And true addicts will find a way to get their meds anyway, while those in pain will be left to suffer.

Hope your petition helps to change this stupid situation.