Where do I find for the state of TN to petetion or an advocate concerning these laws about people with Chronic Pain and can't receive anything to help, so now almost completely bed bound

Ok, so I went to my Rhem. Dr., yesterday and she stated her hands are tied by these new laws, even though I have been diagnosed and medically proven and in my perm. file and is on disability for this, she can't help me... So she suggested I use my voice, not sure how much I can do, but I am going to try, just hope someone out there knows where I start???? I google everything yesterday and called and I got nothing, but I know a few people really thought I should be locked up, lol <just a little humor there>... Please if there is anyone that knows anything about this, that can give me directions or links or even if your doing what I am trying to do, please help me.... Thank you

Dear Myowndestiny,

I am not an attorney or familiar with the laws in your state, but the fact that you also suffer from Osteoarthritis should allow someone to prescribe you pain medicine. Perhaps you have to go to a pain management specialist? It's worth looking into, before writing to all of your state representatives.


Yes Ma'am, I am currently at a pain medication facility, but as I had wrote in a blog about being kicked out because I wouldn't see there Psychologist, because I was seeing a counselor and Psychologist for my medications there. I also have Psoriatic Arthritis on top of the Fibro., and the list goes on! After talking to my Rhematologist yesterday she said people need to start using there voices because the government are tying the doctors hands on the prescriptions they are writing.. TN is one of the worst states! When I was in NC., never had a problem even with out insurance! Moving isn't an option as of now! My problem is here I have to drive 3 hours each way to see this pain doctor to get relief and they want to focus on injections and that is fine, but the driving is killing me, my right knee, I had surgery on in Feb of this year and it has ballooned up and after my first set of shots, I have been in more pain than when I walked in the door... I am just trying to have a good day for a change, instead of what ale's me next, if that makes sense! So maybe this is just a shot in the dark, but I am willing to give it a shot! I rather find something that is already in place and work with them, because I feel if I sent letters and my writing is awful these days, they will just be shredded... Thank you for your advice SK.... Any other info you may have please keep me in mind...



I understand, now! I have PsA too, but not with OA! Good God, how do you even make the trip? I can barely ride to the grocery store!

I have friends in East TN, one is a Physician's assistant for a Cardiologist. She just had a baby 2 days ago, but please remind me and I will contact her about this, she has a sister in Johnson City, as a matter of fact.

Please do not forget to remind me, there are over 2,000 members I try to keep track of.

BTW, are you on a disease modifier, like Enbrel from your Rheum? You should be!!!

I would most certainly write to every single rep, senator, and I would write every single day! How dare they do this?

The trip is unbearable! To say the least.. I was on Humira for the past year on and off but she just took me off again, because I ended up in the ER over last weekend with some kind of Stomach virus that made my stomach swell! So for now I am off of that... So should I remind you in about 2 months when the Dr. returns to work?

Time to get showered and out the door, wish me luck! Thank you SK and any information would be appreciated....


I so agree! I know there are drug seekers, and drug abusers but that is punishing us for that and there has to be a way to deal with this with out this madness! To be honest if I never had to take another pill or see another doctor in my life, I would be so happy but that isn't in my cards....

Thanks again, got to go slowly............

No a week or two for me to get to her.

Oh, so sorry you were taken off Humira, biggest problem is it's hell to fight anything, like a virus or infection with the immune system lowered. I have in-grown toenails that I operate on, and my Rheum is always eying them, shaking his head!