New law regarding refills on pain meds

I’m almost out of pain med (lortab) I have one refill but I learned today a new law won’t allow refills now. I was told as of oct 6 you have to have original written script. I called my doctor and they said they can’t even call them in anymore. I have to wait for my appt on Thursday. Aside from dealing with the pain I am concerned about withdrawal because I have been taking it for 5 years.

Thanks for comment. I am going to try Monday if I’m able to leave work early enough. Hanging in there.

My doctor has to write my Adderall out like that. I go every three months and he writes me 3 prescriptions with the

monthly dates on them, and I give them to my pharmacist and they fill them each month. It is the way everything is getting these days. Controlled. I understand why they are doing it, but it doesn't make it easy for us that actually need the medication.

I will say a prayer for you. I know how it is when you are used to taking it, and not having it.

I don't know if it's a State law or Federal but here in Florida, narcotics have to have a written script and can't electronically transmitted or called in by the Dr's office. I'm on Oxy for back pain, I don't take it often only when it becomes too much. My GP told me that she is not allowed to write scripts for narcotics on a regular basis but since I only need 30 pills in about 3 months, she can.

Call your doc's office Monday morning and ask for a script and pick it up so you do not miss too much time between doses. Not sure if you would have withdrawal symptoms or not but I would think taking it for 5 years could cause a problem. Too bad you found this out on a Friday. It always seems that way.

Best of luck, I hope you can take care of everything on Monday and be back on track.

Hugs, Farida

What state are you in? I am in Fl and ya can’t refill pain meds unless it’s been 30 days or more. The people who don’t need them and sell them on the street have made it so that we who do need meds have to fight for them. I know what your going thru. It’s sad that a few bad apples mess things up for the honest people who really do need them.

I’m in ohio and this cold damp weather isn’t helping.

This new regulation is a Federal one, and has been brewing for quite some time. There is such a fear of misuse, misdirection, and abuse that the rules are just going to get tighter and tighter. Everyone who is newly affected by the regulations should, if they are taking the meds regularly, call and ask for a paper Rx with enough medication to get them through until the next appointment. When you have your appointment, find out how your doc is planning to manage your meds from this point forward. You need to know if you will need to come in for monthly appointments, or if you can simply pick up the Rx after a quick call. Go ahead and pre-schedule your appointments so that you are sure to get in, and if you are permitted to call ahead for an Rx, make sure that you leave enough time for your doc to get it done, and you to drive over to get it. Also, guard your meds. If you lose them they may not refill them for you. If they are stollen, make sure you file a police report.

Some states are keeping track of controlled prescriptions via a linked database. So, if you go to the ER or a new doc, they can look up your information and see any and all controlled prescriptions you have filled.

While making sure that the right patients get the right meds is a good thing, it really makes it uncomfortable for people who need controlled drugs to get them. Unfortunately, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Dr office said they have to see me to give me my script, for which I previously had a refill. My next scheduled appt is Thursday. They have no opening before that. Where’s the compassion? Geez. I’m exhausted and hurting all over. Hot bath and bed for me.

not to mention most doctors with the exception of writing for short term after surgery won't even write or have adopted policy that don't allow them to write. And to add insult to injury you're referred to a pain management specialists who are so overwhelmed that new patients have to wait months to get in what are they supposed to do in the mean time? its just ridiculous how hard they've made it for those that really need to be on them.