Pray for me!

Tuesday I have to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy! My stomach has been giving trouble for years now but it’s seeming to get worst! They think it maybe worst then IBS. I have faith in God that it’s nothing more than that!

Gentle hugs!!!

You have my thoughts and prayers are with you, Amberlyn. You'll be okay. It could be an ulcer which is simple to treat. Or just the IBS. But you'll be okay with this. And the procedures are easy and pain free.

Good luck!

Thank you very much I’m thinking positive!

Prayers for sure !! I worked as a GI nurse for years so if you have any concerns I’d be glad to help in any way, the hardest part is the day before, the dreaded prep ! Hopefully you are scheduled early, it’s better than going all day without eating. The sedation is great, after my upper and lower I felt so good I told my mother we are going shopping, I was not about to waste a pain free day resting, ( but you can’t drive ) every patient is different some just want to go home and sleep, while most go out to eat afterwords. Also if you start your prep earlier on Monday it may help avoid being up all night ( everyone is different) and most people don’t finish every drop, yuk ! Praying for you to get the ans you need, peace of mind , and a simple stress free day on Tuesday

Hugs & blessings

Dear Amberlyn,

I am here for you with good thoughts and prayers. Wishing you good results. Please let us know how you are when you know.

With you,


Thank yu I will let u know as soon as I find out!

You will be in good hands, just remember that!

I'll be praying for you Amberlyn that things will be just fine. You'll get some good sleep when they knock you out! I always like that when I get a colonoscopy.

Blessings to you,


Will be thinking good thoughts for you…

Thank u!

Thank u yes I’m looking forward to sleep! I got the cherry juice today!

Good, I hope the juice works for you!

So far nothing! Still waiting and thanks we will see!

Let us know how you did , hope and pray you are not up all night from the prep

Praying for you Amberlyn :) Hope all goes well.

Hugs to you, Tina

Thanks! Well I started my prep at 6 and I just start feeling it at 11. :frowning: I hope its over…

Thanks and hugs

Hey everyone I did good with my procedure today! Thanks for prayers and your thoughts I have IBS and I’m waiting on one more test to come back ill keep yal posted!

Amberlyn, there are many others here with IBS, post anytime you have a question, or need some help, many have changed their diet and had good results!

So glad things went well!

Big hugs,


Thanks for the support! Yes I have too changed my diet because of fibro now I have an even bigger list of this that I cant eat anymore!