Problems sleeping

The last few months I have been waking up at about 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep. I take 2 endep tablets before I go to bed . I don’t have trouble going to sleep but I wake up so early every morning I feel like I am not getting deep sleep and are just sleeping realing lightly . I spoke to my doctor he suggested maybe I should get up at that time and by bed time I would be that tied I would sleep longer. I don’t fancy getting up at 4 am has anyone else had this problem.

Hi Michelle,

Yes, I know what you are going through. I never get up and stay up at 4 am. I have the same experience. I cannot stand the light sleep or automatically waking up at that hour. I can tell you what I have been doing recently that seems to have improved it a little. But in reality I am not sure there is a definite connection.

Here is my concotion : I take elavil ( lengthen the REM) but that alone did not help. I take advil pm to sleep painfree, but that with the elavil did not help. I was still waking at 4 am. I am also on Lamictal and Risperdone.

More recently my doctor added a low dose of ativan. She told me it is so low that it is unlikely to be addictive. So far i have had no problem going off and on it.That medication added seemed to do the trick. I still have mornings with light sleep but stay in bed until I have slept at least one additional hour or two. I hope this might help.

I have the opposite. When I get to sleep I sleep for hours and hours (18-24 hours is not unusual) and still never feel rested. As for the feeling rested part you need to have REM phase sleep to feel rested. A lot of people with fibro have trouble getting into a comfortable position (my partner tells me that I wake up every 10-15 minutes and move around although I have no knowledge of it) and therefore do not get to the REM phase of sleep.

My advice to you would be to make sure you are as comfy as can be... if you find a memory foam mattress helps then invest in one. If you find you need a new bed frame then invest in one. It may seem expensive but your health and your sanity are worth more. You may find that something like Zopiclone or Temezepam are better at helping you sleep. Aside from that I do not know what else to suggest, medication wise I am sedated all the time. Mikex

Yes I do but fortunately not now that I'm working again. When I did have it I used to stay up very late and work on a novel I always wanted to write. I'd write for hours and hours and hours. Eventually I finished the novel. And it helped me finally get to sleep, usually about 4 am.

I guess my advice would be to try and do something that would make you busy to try and tire you out.

This happens to me and it’s so annoying. I haven’t found anything that corrects the problem other than time. Eventually things shift back to normal. I am so sorry this isn’t very helpful. Take care

I have the opposite issue as well. I had a sleep study and I was getting the appropriate amount of rem sleep. I did show lots of waking but they attributed that to being in a new place. In my case my tiredness is just my fatigue. Have you ever tried melatonin? It’s the natural chemical your body produces to get sleepy. You can buy it OTC. It is usually where all the supplements are.