Sleeping Habits

I don’t know about everyone else but I have the worst time with insomnia.

I have been trying to go to sleep since 11pm but just as I doze off. .I had to wait to pick my nigh night meds so I wasn’t able to have those on board tonight. I keep dozing off then a few seconds later I’m awake again. But the strange part of it is…when I have problems and can’t sleep all I have to do is wait till my husbands alarm clock goes off. The minute his alarm goes off ill fall asleep and sleep till 8:45 am exactly 5.minutes after my husband has left.

Nigh er…good morning!

So,you just don’t want to be awake at the same time he is?LOL (no offense meant cuz sometimes I sure feel that way) I have started waking up at exactly 3:01 am every morning. And, when we were in Atlanta recently, I woke up at 4:01 am exactly (there’s an hour time change) what’s up with that? I do not sleep at all without my Ambien. My doc says I should sleep great but what do they know?

Oh yes, Punkin! I'm in on the insomnia, and sleep disturbances, days and nights mixed up, and never had a problem until the pain was such a factor. That is the cause of mine, pain.

I do know that there is a 'switch', if I can go lay down at that exact moment, I can sleep. If for some reason, I cannot, or do not go to bed at that moment, then chances are good that I am up for the night, or most of it!

The Rheumatologist gave me Valium to take at night to help relax my muscles, it does help me to sleep some nights!

Hope you can find a way to get some restful sleep!



It's a living nigtmare isn't it!! You can't sleep because of the pain, then, because you haven't slept, it makes the pain worse. Then add in few things on your mind and then whats the point?

The doctors only seem to help one thing at a time and it often doesn't work so well as it should. We need good pain relief AND a good nights sleep!

It is weird though about ten minutes before you have to get up, you could easily drop off to sleep. Who's sick joke is that! lol.

I think it has more than just pain attached to the change in sleep patterns. I find that even if I'm not in horrible pain, I still have an altered sleep cycle. I can stay awake to 12 or 1 AM then get up at 8 for work...if I didn't work, I could be up until 4 AM. Then after work, I crash on the couch for 2-3 hours.

I feel like when I looked away, someone swapped my body with an old person's.

i suffer with my sleep i take zopiclone sleepers and tha gets me to sleep at night but then i dream all night and dont get any restorotive sleep so i feel like a zombie when i get up i have suffered this for ten years

Once I finally get to sleep, then it is hard for me to get awake to go to the bathroom, and of course when I wake up I am so stiff I can hardly get up! I know I should be like a kid and stop fluids by a certain time, but I have Sjogrens, which involves always having dry mouth, dry eyes, so I drink, and use eye drops constantly!

It's always something!

for some reason this is a horriable problem with fibro. i used to b able to lay down and sleep when i wanted to and get up without any problems. now i sleep when by body says i can.

some nights it just insomina keeping me awake. other nights its pain that keeps me from sleeping. it seems like if i go 3-4 nights with little sleep then finally i will sleep good for 1 nights and then the patteren starts all over. i was on this patteren for a long time now its like my pain is so bad that i cant sleep for more than a few hours and then i am awake even if i dont want to b. i have gotten many suggestions for sleep aids i just need a dr who i can get to perscribe them.

i hope u can find a medicine that will work. do u know whats keeping u up? is it just insomina or spasms or pain? if u can maybe figure out whats keeping u awake then maybe u can get on a med to help. i really hope u can find an answer. no sleep = a bad day well most of the time

Punkin 2x74,

Hi there, yes we all have some form of insomnia. I take 2 melatonin tablets at 10 pm, and approximately an hour or so later I can sometimes go to bed and sleep for about 3 -4 hours.

I have restless leg syndrome, so I have to move around, and also bad thigh cramps so I'm contantly moving around. I also invested in a Memory foam mattress, it has truly helped me out a lot.

My husband would never work, if we slept together. I am contantly waking him up. He has to have 8-10 hours of sleep to function. We purchased one of those Sleep matic beds, but I can't sleep in it.

I just rest and nap when ever I can. My doctor refuses to give me sleeping meds. So, I just suffer and muddle through. Wish you the best.

I've got some but i still wake up 2 or 3 hours later. We feel like crappy doo doo's no matter what though. Thats right