Question for Fentanyl users

I started out with 25mcgh patches. Then moved up to what I am on now. My question is which manufacturer supplies your pharmacy. Or what type do you have and have you tried any different style patch? Right now I am getting the Watson gel patches. I think they work find but sometimes they do irritate my skin and I do use a little gimp bit of baking soda and water on my skin before putting it on but sometimes it just doesn’t work!

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I do buy tagaderm patches. It’s what they will send you. The size of the patch increases with the size of the mcgh the 75’s are about 4inches by 3inches rectangle. So I have to buy the big tagaderm patches for when I want to go swimming. Where do you apply your patch? I couldn’t get them to stick anywhere the paperwork said to so I stuck it on my right hip/buttcheek. Sorry for the picture lol but they stay on without help and are out of people’s view.

I had that problem with a hormone patch, and since changed brands so that they do stick, these new ones are just the tiniest I have ever seen. At one time, my husband was putting duct tape on to hold them to me, I do not recommend this! Unless you want them on forever, you will loose a considerable amount of skin when you do need to remove them! LOL! They surely did stay on though! Leave it to a man! LOL!

This is what the tagaderm is. You find them in the first aid isle near the band aids

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I couldn't get them to stick either, even on the buttcheek. I'd wake up and they'd be totally off of me.

OUCH! Esp. if any hair is caught underneath.

Also, the only side effect I have from my patches is that if when I go to volunteer or I am in a air conditioned place I sweat like I’ve been sitting in a dry sauna for hours. It’s awfull looking.

I haven’t had that problem. Typically its direct heat. That raises your tempurature to worry about anything. If you think you are.getting overheated take a dip in the water.

Also to get the tagaderm off put your fingernail underneath one corner to lift it up. Then roll the palm of your hand down. It will or should roll the tagaderm and patch right off and it won’t hurt. Oh yah and they stick really well to body hair lol. Ask my husband, he’s still cussing me out for putting one over a huge cut gouge he had on his leg.


Oh yeah, the.tagaderm patches are very kick arse. I spent 7 days in hawaii last year and had absolutely no problems what so ever.