Reduced Work Wages / Capacity

On March 17, my doctor restricted my work hours to 5 hours per day. I have been the main financial provider for my family for several years now as the economy has wreaked havok on my husband.

I am now 4 months into my newest set of conditions, Fibromyalgia and Polyarthralgia. I am scared and trying to be brave at the same time! We are now to about half our income. I am struggling with these overwhelming symptoms that are really interfering with work. I know that my hubby is supportive. However, it is hard not to worry!

We have a young son…elementary school age…the community we live in is small, so my husband has not been able to find work for the past 4 years. Our house is on the market. Our only hope is that it will sell.

I have always had some semblance of control! Now…I have none! I feel so bad! The aching joints, the horrible deep ache in the muscles in my arms and legs, the heavy feeling, the nasty burning sensations throughout…the feeling that anything that touches my skin is beyond control!

At times it is so overwhelming! What to do?!?!?! All I can do is wait for our house to sell, so that we can move to an area where my husband might find employment.

I am in the process of filing for disability. I am facing the true fact that I may never be able to work full-time again. I might be able to work a little here and there…however, full-time? It is appearing further and further out of the question.


Lots of gentle hugs. You are dealing with a lot. Hoping things get better for you.

Since you do have so much going on you might be experiencing a bad flare. Have you talked to your doctor?

Let me know how your doing.


I will be following up with my dr on Monday.

I know it is some type of flare. Unfortunately I have not been able to get a handle on my condition yet. So my body is still out of control am just working with doctor to find some type of work balance that might be handled with meds. Really tough! As I have a very nasty health history (Spastic sphincter, rectal prolapse, benign ovarian tumors, Colostomy, removal of rectum and sigmoid colon, IBS)…


I am sorry for your difficulties. It seems like you are certainly trying to get yourself and your family to a better place.

Have you considered applying for any government assistance aside from disability? There are programs for food assistance, utility bill assistance, etc… that may help you during your transition especially as you have a young child. Children and Family Services programs exist in every state.
Also you may want to explore stress management techniques such as mindfulness.

QW makes a good point in that you may be in a flare due to stress. We have a great Mindfulness group here and many find relief of stress and pain in this way.

Please keep us posted. We’re here for you.



hi Stcy.

i know your circumstances are very overwhelming and my heart goes out to you. I wish you all the best for your well being and for your family. i send you big HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


Thank you! I am looking into the different assistance programs that might be available to help us as a family…to help reduce the financial stress. Yikes! How we struggle to take care of ourselves!

Go to the school & talk with the Grade School Counselor, they have resources beyond belief!!! (I had a Councilor who brought to my house clothes & food) You can get reduced lunch & reduced school fees, if you apply for the Family Assistance & you will be eligible for Holiday help & buying school supplies.