Scammers or Doctors?

Well I had an appointment with a Neruo Dr.? today. He order 56 blood tests that insurance may or not cover. Then told me I have to do a sleep study that my insurance may or may not cover and buy 160.00 a month worth of supplements that my insurance WILL NOT cover. After the results of the blood tests come back, there will be MORE supplements. He says I have a Candida infection, he is testing me for Chlamydia, Lyme disease 2 vareties,,,the list goes on and on and on!!! He also said I have walking Pneumonia because I have a cough.

So I think I found a clunker...I mentioned I have an appointment next month with the Rheumy he told me "cancel it you dont need him, I will take care of you"

And told me my PCP was no good.

CRAZY day!!!!

Those are the words you want to hear "I will take care of you"! That neuro obviously does not have any regard for your finances, what so ever, just in paying his rent. Those tests may be a good idea, but he could have spaced them out, and I guess you buy the supplements from him?

I went to a neuro, said I was 'STIFF' that was his diagnosis, I was to wean of ALL meds, swim, go to HIS life coach, HIS yoga instructor, you get the idea! Anyway, I did pretty well at first then I crashed like never before. My Rheum told me to get out and stay out of the water for now, get back on my meds, that I was BEYOND STIFF!!

Don't you have to have an x-ray to determine pneumonia?

I'll tell you a lot of these people really suck you DRY!! Be careful!

There really are good ones out there, it's just finding them, and keeping them! Good hunting, K!

Cathy, that just stinks! I had a naturopath one time who thought I had a money tree or something. I dislike supplement pushers. I do take supplements, but they are ones I have found through my own research. Pretty basic too. Sorry, but there's no supplement out there that will make the fibro go away. Not that I've heard of anyway.

Wishing you really good luck with your rheumy. He sounds very nice. Hope your cough is better soon.


He wants you on all those supplements....Did he write for an antibiotic by any chance? I recommend that you first see which tests the insurance will cover and get those done first, see how he feels after that and keep your other appointment with the other doc...who is he to tell you to leave your other physician? In a different Specialty? I think you will need to proceed with a very fine tuned eye to feel this one out. Don't throw him out yet, he may help you, but you will know after a few more interactions if he wont.

I agree with mmom1 on everything except I personally wouldn't keep him as a doctor. His comment to "cancel it (your rheumy apptmnt) I will treat you," would do it for me. Sounds to me like he doesn't want other docs examining you and giving their opinions that might differ from his...and tons of supplements? Really? I know we need some but tons? And 56 blood tests? I didn't even know that 56 different blood tests existed! Yes, some should be done but a good rheumy can do them and they aren't 56 worth of tests! Maybe 12 or so, if that. I pray that you didn't get the 56 tests done without knowing if your insurance will cover them...same thing for the sleep test!

Man, there are some real CROOKS out there! (SMH)

Hum Cathy, if this was your first appointment with this neuro he seems to think the only route is to order things that are going to cost you money!! Did he spend any time listening to you and asking you some questions?

He sounds very arrogant to tell you not to bother going to a rheumatologist.......and telling you that your PCP was no good!!

You say that you have an appointment with a rheumy next month so I would be seeing how that doctor treats you and then make up your mind as to whether you would want to go again to the neuro.

Please update us after your appointment with the rheumy.

Gentle hugs


The statement 'I will take care of you', along with telling you to cancel the Rheumatologist are red flags. I worked for a Rheumatologist, who dealt with the complex autoimmune diseases, and he never once ordered anything NEAR this amount of blood tests! All of the things he mentioned can affect your neurological system, but I think it's a little overkill. What kind of "supplements" was he talking about?

My diagnosis?: QUACK.

If you haven't had the bloodwork or sleep study done yet, show the orders to your PCP, I'm sure he can weed out the ones that aren't necessary. I think the sleep study will probably still be ordered, because sleep disorders are common among FMS patients, and you should be tested.

I know it's hard to find another doctor, trust me. I've been trying to get a neurosurgeon for 4 years where I don't have to travel over 2 hours into New York City. But I can't find any answers either, so I guess I have no choice. Just keep looking, eventually you'll find something that works for you.

Good luck-

I went to a neuro doctor first and he did the same thing, order all kinds of tests that I didn't have the money for. He told me he didn't want to see me until I had all the tests done. Well he still hasn't seen me back. I went to my new Rheumatologist and he listened to me, and ordered one blood test. I do not plan to go back to the neurologist. I hope this helps you some. Good luck, and many blessings. Sue

He said the supplements could only be purchased through him. I managed to get a copy of them and said I would be back payday to buy them. Then I found alot of them on Amazon!!!Never did an x-ray. He wants me to come in for a sleep study because he is sure I have Sleep Apena....I do not have sleep apena. He asked the craziest questions. Is my skin dry, are my heels dry and cracked,

I wont be going back to that guy! A I cant afford it and B I believe he is a quack with a great game.!

I am gonna go ahead and see the Rheumy, but the Neuro is off my list. I got some Diet books that are Pain relief and Inflammation relief based. I think I am gonna give that a shot.Cant hurt me but I think that guy could have.

So like everyone else the search goes on....and like everyone else I will share what I find.


He said after the test results from the 56 blood tests come back, he would give me more supplements, plus anti fungul, anti-botics anti- something I cant remember. Never mentioned diet, excersise. Told me to keep taking all my other meds. I dont know after finding the supplements that I could "only get from him" on Amazon that really it did it for me....

I cant afford a few more interactions with him. Everything he wants to do, I asked him will my insurance cover this, he said "probably not". I dont know I have just lost all faith in him.


Hi Petunia Girl.

I got no tests done. I bought no supplements as I was standing there making future appointments I knew then that I would not be keeping them. I just wanted to get as much info as possible. HIs list had 26 vitimans. Told me to stop taking what I am currently taking as they were doing me no good. Insulted my PCP which I called him out on.His list of Blood work was CRAZY.

So I will not be going back. Hopefully my Rheumy will not be a nut ball.


Thanks Rachel,

He did ask alot of questions which made me feel hopeful in the beginning. But by the end I knew I was wasting my time with him.

So on the the Rheumy and pray he isnt a Jerk also.

Will update as this journey continues.


Hi Renie,

I agree with you diagnosis. I have had nothing done. I am taking it all to my PCP.

But I wont be seeing his guy again.

Thanks for the advice.


Hi Sue,

Thanks for you info. THis guy said the same thing didnt want to see me until all the blood tests were done and the sleep study was dont.

I wont be doing either!


Hi guys, I have a good Neurologist. He did a little blood work to rule out certain things. He did do an MRI of my brain, spine, and did an EMG ( a nerve conductivity test). I have Essential Tremor, neck and spinal problems along with Fibro and CFS. I agree with Renie. Drop him!

You are very strong to go with your Gut... Good For You! The more that is said the more it becomes clear that this guy was over the edge of CLUNKER. Sad to see that you will continue on a search for a good dr, but maybe the Rheumy will have some recommendations for you...

Be Strong

I don't think it's a good idea to buy items directly from your doctor, make you wonder if he endorses the item because he believes it works best or because he receives a kick back? I buy supplements from www.puritanspride,com and have found that they are cheaper and faster than most vitamin sites. They usually run a buy one get one free deal, so the savings help. I know why your neuro is asking those questions about dry skin, it's because you might have Sjogrens (auto ammune disorder). Sounds like he is going down his list of symptoms, trying rule things out so he will know which tests to order.

I thought it was crazy when my rheumie asked me to take a sleep study too, but I found out I have huge gaps in my sleep where I never enter REM sleep (called Alpha Intrusion). It explained why I was exhausted after sleeping all night, I just thought the exhaustion mental / physically was due to fibro. There is also a possible sleep connection that may cause fibro in patients (like unrestorative sleep, insomnia and shift work).

I think that Rheumies are best at treating fibro patients because of the many symptoms that are muscle and bone related, but all of this is just my opinion. The best way to know is to become an expert on Fibro or any medical condition you have.

Another thing that may help give you peace of mind, is to find out what insurance coverage you have and when in doubt about what they will cover, just call them and get pre authorization (in writting like an email or by letter).

Sending you a big gentle hug : )

The whole "Cancel the Rheumie Appt" could be rivalry related. Doctors have gianormous egos because they are educated men/women that sometimes hold a person's life in their hands (GOD complex). I'm sure the neuro believes that he is better educated than the rheumie, kinda like marines vs army. Just a theory : o