Has anyone heard of or tried Mannatech Ambrotrose?

I was at the funeral of my husband's cousin yesterday and was approached by one of his close friends. At the gathering after the funeral he engaged in conversation with me (seeing that I was in a wheelchair). He started telling me about this miracle complex produced by Mannatech and how, if I started taking it I would be a different person health-wise within six months. I was prepared to listen but his claims became more and more spectacular. So I told him I would do some research and get back to him.

I did some research and found out about the company and also some controversy surrounding their claims for their products.

All of us would like to find a miracle to take us out of this fibro hell but, I'm sure we all know there are a lot of people or companies who look to take advantage of that fact.

So, I'm asking if anyone has any knowledge or experience of this company or its products?

Stay strong and gentle hugs


Honestly? I would ask your doctor. He or she should know about all of the current things that are helpful for fibro. And not only that but he/she could tell you if it could interact with what you're taking. I've read of some fibro people who've tried miracle cure drugs and ended up in horrible flares.

Best rule of thumb, even for those of us who are absolutely DESPERATE to feel better: If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Jamey, you had better be very CERTAIN that you DO NOT have an autoimmune disesase before you take this. Autoimmune diseases throw the immune system into hyper overdrive, the last thing you want to do is ramp it up!!!

DO NOT take any of this without your Dr suggesting it! Could do you far more harm than good! Please take care with these 'miracle cures'!


I would be careful of products that have "spectacular" claims for regaining health that easy. I've had more relief just by simply changing my diet to an anti-inflamatory diet. They might be just another company selling their supplements for high dollar. Beware.


Thanks to all for your replies and advice. My sentiments entirely but I just occasionally think I may be too jaded and cynical after such a long time with fibro.

Loving hugs