Sensativity to Light

So, raise your hand if you also have sensitivity to light. I don’t have a hard sensitivity to natural light as much as I do artificial. My husband for along time just thought I liked being in the dark but I really don’t. We have 2 - 2 light fluorescent fixtures in our room and two swivel ball canisters that take teardrop twist in bulbs but they are not fluorescent. They don’t put out as much light. But I like those light better than the fluorescent ones. Cuz they don’t hurt my eyes like the fluorescent do. Anyways, my husband didn’t believe me and always gave me a raz about living in the cave until one day I read the “symptoms” of FMS to him and now he doesn’t give me such a hard time

Hows everyone doing.

The only problem I have with driving at night and lights is I need new glasses.

I am sensitive to light, sounds and touch. Usually that is how I could tell that I was going to be feeling bad.

A normal sound would startle me and make me jump.


I also have problems with car lights at night, so I don't drive at night. The sun also really bothers me as do some florescent lights. I can't stand strobe lights they make me dizzy.

Yes, the florescent ceiling light in the kitchen is the one that bothers me the most in the entire house. Sunshine does usually not bother me, but that kitchen light makes me want to go hide under the bed!

*Hand Raised*

I only have an issue with some lights. it's weird. My lights at work, very bright, no biggie. . . .in other places. . .a biggie. . .its wierd but it's also connected with my migraines so if no migraine is present, no sensitivity

It also bothers me to drive at night, especially in the rain. Wonder if this may have a connection?

I have a lot of problems with this. I can't even walk out of a building into the sun without sunglasses, because it really hurts my eyes. Night driving is out of the question, it gives me an instant migraine. I can't function outside without sunglasses. Its kinda crazy how much it has escalated.