Well my therapist told me yesterday that I was still in shock. I seem to disagree
Though. I think that I’m in I want to cry all day because my independent life seems to be over
Mode. For some background info I was diagnosed two days ago with a spinal stenosis (don’t ask
Me to spell it) caused by fibro muscle twitches and constant tight muscles.
Without my chiropractor I go back to the wheel chair.

How do you live knowing that the best part of your life is over at 30?
I’m sorry just don’t know how to deal with this one. I’ve never been dependent
On doctors or anyone before.

what did the dr say was the extent of the stenosis? I also have that in my lower back. I had a spinal fusion and even worked for several years afterward. Of course, like all things with Fibro, things change and now I work at home. I read Mayo Clinic info on it and they can do surgery. Just some info.

Soft hugs to you!!

Well first we wait till I can get on my husbands insurance. Then we do the MRI and find out exactly where it is and if they can do anything for it. Till then I use a cane and try my best to stay out of the wheel chair. Still can’t walk very much during a day without being so worn out that I can’t function. Not sure what’s causing that.

Katie, I'm so sorry about your new medical diagnosis. I know it sounds awful and frightening but I also know there are others on here who have spinal stenosis and still live very meaningful lives. I'm hoping that SK sees this post. If not, you can find her on other threads and ask her about her situation. There is safety in numbers, so stick together!

Also, there is a thread on this site (on page 2, I believe) called, "Denial, it ain't a river in Egypt." i think you would benefit from reading posts on it and posting your situation there. A lot of people are active in the thread currently and it rather sounds like some of what you're facing (along with anger, which has a thread of its own on here, probably page 3.)

At any rate, we are here to support you. We all face challenges but keep on going. You can too. And don't forget, you are very young and the medical field is constantly finding new therapies and drugs. It might take a few years but there will be much during your lifetime, and during your prime, I would think.

HUGS!!! to you!