Skin flaking? on my Chin! Does anyone know what this is?!

I have this strange skin problem and I don't know if it's part of FM or something else, like a side-effect of the meds. There are tiny pore bumps like the ones people get on their nose, but I have them on my chin! The skin gets rough & bumpy and when I rub my chin, a bunch of skin flake off like eraser dust. This happens every 3-4 days! At first, I thought, "Great, my skin is turning over very quickly!" but it's getting annoying because I am having to rub my chin all the time and it's getting very sore.

What could this be??!! Any ideas???

Hi Fibrochow,

Anyone in your family have Psoriasis?

No. My sister has atopic dermatitis. The strange this is that I don't have this strange condition on any other part of my face or body. I feel like I have a lizard/snake skin just on my chin!

Angelonearth - I don’t have health insurance and I can’t afford to see a dermatologist (they are very expensive) while I am seeing a holistic doctor, kinesiologist, and an orthopaedic doctor w/o insurance. I thought I should ask this community who know a lot more than the doctors! :slight_smile:

I'd ask one of those Drs, they just might know without sending you to a Dermo.

If it were a facial product, wouldn't it affect my whole face? I use organic facial lotion and cream - I don't think they cause this. Like most skin conditions, I think it's caused by something happening internally - I just don't know what. I may try Aloe Vera gel. Thanks for your ideas!

SK - Thank you! You never know what people know...that's why I decided to ask this question here.

You are right- skin sensitivity is different. However, I thought the skin on chin is tougher than the cheeks. I don't even know how to Google this - it's hard to describe...

Try some A&D ointment. They sell it at Walgreens for sure and probably any of the other drugstores.

Another suggestion is to look up side effects of your meds. You could also google the name of your meds and then also type in "flaking skin" to see if anyone else has had this problem with any of the meds.

PS: if you google psoriasis, be aware that it presents on the skin in a multitude of ways. Make sure you look at images from each different kind, as they are very different looking from one another.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have looked up photos of eczema and psoriasis online. I don't have any redness or patches, so I can't really relate to those pictures. I will Google again and see if I can find something else...the definition of both eczema and psoriasis are confusing to me. It seems that doctors diagnose most skin inflammation as eczema. Several months ago, I developed severe rash (red, itchy, swallen, painful) on my face. I thought it was psoriasis but my doctor diagnosed me with allergic eczema but she thought it could be scabies, so she gave me meds for it- I never used it because it contained the same toxic chemical used in the bug killer Raid! It turned out that I was having an allergic reaction to something, possibly dairy. All I had to do was eliminate dairy and detox my system. It's gone. This one is different. It's painful because I rub it constantly. I rub it because the rough bumpy skin bothers me.

Can I have psoriasis just on my chin?? Do you have it? It's not exactly flaking skin - it's hard to describe...the skin gets thick and it rubs off like eraser dusts. I just remembered that my lips do the same thing, esp. during winter. I started to feel like I am turning into a lizard...