SNOOZE RIGHT w/ melatonin works like magic!

I haven’t been able to sleep, but I took a trip to the vitamin shoppe and I found snooze RIGHT w/ melatonin so far it has been amazing! Just throwing it out there if anyone wants to try it! I have slept peacefully two nights start! I also take other herbs along with it I don’t believe in taking a lot of prescribed meds!!!

I was wondering if this is melatonin plus ? So glad you are getting some sleep, Im going to give it a shot :slight_smile:

I have taken Melatonin but it seemed too strong for me(maybe I took too much) and I had a hangover the next day. But, I recently tried tart cherry juice which has a natural source of melatonin in it and it did put me to sleep, no hangover. I was skeptical at first but it truly did work. It's kind of expensive though.

What were you wondering? I took two instead of one the sec nite really worked

Thanks me too hugs!

Oh ok this just has some in it not a whole lot! Where do you get the juice from?

The one I bought was Smart Juice brand organic tart cherry 100% juice fresh pressed (NOT from concentrate) I found that one at Sprouts Market. Here's a study done on the melatonin and sleep with regard to the effectiveness of the juice:

This link tells of other benefits of this type juice:

Thanks! Ill check it out whats the price range and how does it taste!?

It's a little pricey at about $8 a bottle but I only drank less than 1/4 cup, not even, so it lasts long time. It is very tart but very cherry. I liked it since I don't like really sweet things that much. It kind of reminded me of dry red wine in a way. If i buy something and don't like it, I return it for a refund. I wish they would give out samples of good stuff instead of the junk. :')

Im gonna try it out thanks

You're welcome.

;) I started useing 1 mg of meletonin a long time ago now I take 10 mg and wake up in a few hours. (thus I'm writing this at 2 in the morning)