So Many Questions!

Hey everyone!

I have a rhumetologist but I am less than thrilled with him and it will take a month to see a new one. So I decided to see if what I am feeling is typical.

First, only because it is happening right now, does anyone get a sensation like something is crawling on your forearm only to look down and realize nothing is there? I get this feeling ALL THE TIME especially when I am trying to sleep!

Also, I am still young, in my mid twenties, and used to be able to stay active all day, get a few hours of sleep at night and be fine the next day. Now, if I want to do some of my favorite things, like go to Disneyland with friends for the day, I need a wheelchair or midday my knees will start buckling and I feel like death the next day after hours and hours of sleep. Has anyone else had a very hard time adjusting to FMS at first? I try exercise so my body is used to activity, but it never seems to be okay.

Thank guys!

I was diagnosed at 28 and its been a hellride ever since. Now I am 40 and I don't do much or go out anywhere. Hubby and I go to the grocery store, Walmart, doctor's appointments and the pharmacy!! Wah hoo! LOL Friends?? I have none to speak of anymore. They all left me when I couldn't keep up. So eventhough you feel like your life is awful, its not. You have the comfort of very understanding friends. The adjusting takes some time, but you will get there. Just take your time and don't push yourself too will pay for it in the next day or two. I hate bed days!

My best advice is do the best you can. If you have to say no, say no. Take care of you!

Yes!!! I’m 24 and I use to work out everyday now I can’t even do that as much! Now I wake up go to work and look forward to getting back n bed! I use to like goin out with my friends and maybe having a few drinks and I can no longer drink I dont really ever feel like doin much but sleeping r layin down. Ur not alone! Hugs

The crawling feeling is common and horrible, once you decide to ignore it, it will bother you less ( took me ages to stop slapping my leg or arm) lol
I still go out for the day with my daughter nd husband but I plan it carefully!
I make sure i rest the day before and have a good nights sleep.
Then I plan where we go and schedule breaks for snacks and lunch.
If I feel it’s getting to much, I tell them to go a few places without me and I chill with a drink.
It works for me, and means I don’t miss out on everything.
I know it’s not the same as before you got fibro but you just got to find a new way to do things x
Take it easy and dont push your self too often

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm still new and trying to adjust to this new half life. It's just a learning process and I think it sucks, but I've learned a few things and I do better when I keep limits in mind and realize that I'm not the same person I used to be.

Dear staystrong,