Speaking of alcohol... I could NOT tolerate it once I got sick. thought everyone else was like me

I'm surprised that anyone with this CAN drink without feeling like they want to die the next day. I am aware of the danger of combining booze with alot of drugs... esp.painkillers.. but even when I wsn't on the narcotics.. I STill couldn't have a half glass of wine or any kind of alcohol. not drink at ALL! It's like my body can not process it.... and it's like a poison.

Is anyone else like that? and what about the change of seaons? I feel alot better in the summer; and as the weather changes into fall/winter.. I feel worse . Been in a flare for a solid week now. Every blessed day feels like the flu... even on my strongest pain meds... I am NOT used to feeling this bad for so long - and I am even avoiding talking on the phone wtih my boyfriend coz I don't want him to hear how I sound. I just want to take a break.. but I already did that ! I HAVE to get thru this program... any prayers would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone! There are some awesome people on here and I am SO appreciative of everyone and anyone who responds to me. I try to respond to those who seem to need it - and when I have more time to devote.. will try to do better with supporting you all !

I don’t really drink at all and it’s not even so much the meds but the fact that about 10 mins after I have a drink my body feels like its flailed and I just hurt from the drink. The last time I had a shot was a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t even 15 mins later that I was hurting more and the last time I drank before that was over a year ago, for me it’s just not worth it. I’m sorry you are in a flair, they suck so much, I just finall got over the longest flair ever, it went on for months and I even went through physical therapy which made it worse. My doc finally changed my meds and it helped but now I’m going through some back issues I’m hoping they can fix. Hope you feel better soon. Gentle hugs.

Hi YinYan,

I was a person who would drink a glass of wine with dinners when I ate out and during holidays with family. Light drinker. BUT once the fibro and CFS, I found that even one glass of wine at dinner, the next day my pain was a lot worse, and I felt like I had a hangover reminiscent of a college party. I realized that the glass of wine wasn’t worth the next day aftermath. It just made me so much more ill that I totally gave it up, even though I miss a good Pinot Noir, or Merlot. Bummer.

I have never been a big drinker (except in college - oh, those were the days!) and for the past few years I have really noticed the increase in pain if i have a drink. When I went for a weekend away with my girlfriends and had a drink my muscles would just freeze up predominantly in my neck and jaw area. It’s just not worth it to cause more pain that I am trying to get rid of in the first place! It also wrecks more havoc with my sleeping and I need all I can get. My favorite drink is now water, and I am trying to wean myself off my daily diet Mountain Dew in the morning. Trying to get off caffeine except for chocolate - that just isn’t going to happen!

Sandi, I love the not quitting chocolate. One thing I’ve discovered is different types of hot tea. It’s opened me up to a new adventure. I used to only drink black tea, Lipton, Louizian etc. I’ve discovered different teas from China (my favorites), India, Japan (not my faves), and Africa. It takes getting used to the teas not being “heavy dark”, but once you discover the subtleties of Oolong (love these), Darjeeling, etc… it will be fun and delicious.

I invested in an iron tea pot, from Amazon the other places are ridiculously expensive for the same thing, (if you want the link I’ll get it for you) that holds about 4 cups and a warmer the pot sits on with little tea light candles that keep the tea hot and put it by my bed and I can drink tea for hours. Of course it can make you look very sophisticated when you’re having a unique tea and everyone else is drinking Chardonnay LOL

Perky - love that name! I drank a lot if tea in high school with my friend who moved from the east coast where I guess they drink more of it ( come to think of it her mother was very, very proper). Think I got sick of it but I should get back in the groove. I do love Earl Grey and I have a huge box of mango flavored ( I just love anything mango) that I should start drinking now that it’s cold out. I have heard that getting an iron pot is good for you - I try to cook with mine as much as possible - but have to make sure my husband is home because its so frickin’ heavy!

Thanks for the suggestion - going to get my pot out right now - I believe I have some chai loose tea that I could have. Love chai tea too!

I completely understand where you're coming from where the weather does give a flare up I was just disliking how my dad had said it and compared it more than anything, it's true it does have an effect for sure cause in the summer I can play a bit of soccer and right now walking from class to class is hell. I can drink alcohol and not feel like total crap, it's kinda the down side and I think virgin drinks is the way I'm gonna go! I hope you feel better soon! Hugs!

Hi YinYan.

It looks like several people also have a strong reaction against alcohol due to the fibro. I haven't noticed it myself but i rarely drink. It's good that you've gotten some affirmation that fibro affects your ability to drink alcohol.

Yes, the changing weather is getting to me. Each day it's something new and different. One day it's the knees, the next it's the back. Today I awoke to stiff and swollen fingers. Weather affects my flares the most. Some nights my sleep is just awful because the pain is the worst at night.

Oddly, it seems that since I got my sleep machine last week and have been sleeping better that I haven't noticed the nighttime pain as much. It may just be a random coincidence - or not. I do, however, suspect that sleep disorders affect our fibro and wonder if many of us could use and benefit from sleep machines. I'm not a doctor and am not trying to make a diagnosis, just am curious if there's a strong connection or not.

I'm wishing everyone a pain free or pain reduced night. My thoughts are with all of you who are also suffering from the weather changes. I know, they're hard to deal with when they make your body stiff and horribly sore.

HI Petunia,

thanks for your reply... glad you're sleeping better. What is a sleep machine? When I take the trazadone I rarely have trouble sleeping..\

It's the Waking up that I hate ! :))

Have a Good Monday if you can and think of me in class with a 6 hour lecture that I can not stand! Oh well.. I got my case study done even though its almost 1 a.m . and my back is screaming at me.

I'll just yell back...


Shelly ( YinYan)

Exactly !! The hangover for me can begin about 10 minutes after a drink and then I am sick as A DOG. I can tell if I"m doing "better". Coz for a little while I could have a half glas of wine with a meal if I sipped it for over an hour or more. I only wanted to becasue my BF at the time was a wine lover and it seemed so lonely for him to drink all by himself. But I wasn't working or going to school then. Boy..that was the life.

Anyway.. I don't really miss it.. it's been so long but it's another reminder that I am not like everyone else; far from it. WE look "normal" and yet feeling so sick for an entire week has me in a tizzy. oh well.. gotta try and sleep.

Enjoy ur Monday..


I quit drinking 2 yrs ago but when I was drinking I could seriously get stupid drunk and feel like crap the next morning but not fibro pain crap js the normal hangover pain. . .wine made me really sleepy but overtime hard liquor started to give me headaches and I wasn't taking any meds then (now I take an anti-despressant) so it wasn't that it was the fibro causing me headaches.

As for change of seasons. . .each season has a pro and a con for me. . . :(