I have deal with a lot. Beaming told I have diabetes on top of fibro. My son return home. My husband started being his friends. Now he doesn’t like the thing my son does, but he the one telling he grow. Treating him like he is a friends. Now he has a problem with everything, and I am the one getting cuss out. I talk to my son explain wht I expect from him if he came home. My husband change wht I said, to make him happy. Now I making him feel I don’t need my husband as he say. I stress out in pain now. I pray on it, but now I can see. My husband walking around like he did nothing wrong. Any advice please.

Can you get family counseling? Having your son back is a big change, and since stress can induce or increase your flares, it is important that all family members cooperate with positive communication and without unnecessary conflict. Having a professional involved may make this happen sooner, which will help you. Wishing you the best, Glenedia!

Thank you Sanderson. Will do, and pray a little harder.

Thank You TracyC! I did talk to him, and my son. Then I prayed on it.

Thank you Lovett. I will!