Symptoms of FIBRO

Because the medical list of symptoms for fibromyalgia only include the obvious ones: body pain, fog, etc I think it would be interesting and helpful to compile a symptoms list from those of us who actually suffer from it since some of the symptoms vary from person to person. I know for myself that about 1 1/2 years ago I had heart palpitations and thought I had issues with my heart. I was put on a heart monitor and nothing unusual was found. But I read on a FB blog about someone who had had the same issues. Were they connected to FB? not sure, but if enough people have some of the same issues then obviously there is a connection. At the beginning of the journey, and even before diagnosis, one can think one is crazy and that all the seemingly random complaints have no connection. That is why I think this would be helpful and I would greatly appreciate everyone's help. Once I have enough input I will put in a concise form and post.


Here are some interesting links, Mallory. The second link may explain my occasional 'tremors', though nothing shows in my blood work to indicate hyperglycemia!

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, SK. I appreciate your input.

You are welcome, you know I'm not a medical professional, but I had this at 5 years of age, and wondered if it was related to heart palpitations, and seems it is. As you know, none of these are meant as a diagnosis, or to alarm you, just an idea, we have to be our own health advocates!

My heart races a lot. I also have a lot of nasea and I pee 24-7. I’m sure there’s a ton more different symptoms.

Pain: lower back, knees, thighs and calves. upper arms, elbows, shoulders. Ribs. Neck. Jaw. Fingers. Sparkler pain on occasion under kneecaps.

Osteo arthritis in lower back and knees. Bulging disc in back.

Floppy weak ankles upon occasion, that give out.

Choking on liquids and my own spit

Weird, butterflyish sensation in my ribs when they hurt.

Stomach ulcer. Stomach pain, etc. from this.

Fibro fog that affects my speech, thinking and now even my typing. I either stumble over words or else use the wrong noun. Forgetful. Constantly hit the wrong keys on the computer keyboard.

Tremors that don't show outwardly. I can FEEL them but I don't see them when I look at the affected area.

Sight has gotten progressively worse in the course of a few years. Also, my eyesight gets blurry when I'm tired. This is new for me.

I have a hard time hearing someone if something is on, like the tv or washing machine.

Quite a few fatty lumps under my skin.

Rashes that break out on my face or neck when I've gone outdoors or worn a necklace.

Good luck with this! It's a very interesting topic.

In addition to the usual symptoms, I have weakness in my arms such that it takes both hands and all my strength to lift a milk carton to the top shelf of the refrigerator. My feet and ankles hurt and swell. The skin along my outer thighs is extremely tender to deep touch. When my light weight pets walk on my lap, it is painful. My feet, legs and muscles on the inner part of my thigh cramp up when I am at rest. I work full time and never miss work. But I fight depression and anxiety all the time. My neck and shoulders are so rigid they ache and are also painful. Same is true for lower back. I have to come home on my lunch break and sleep to get through a whole day. I am always exhausted. I have jaw pain, some headaches, earaches, and very rarely don't ache all over. In spite of all of this, I think that I function fairly well. I did have mono the summer after I graduated from high school and wonder if that could have started it all. I hope you are able to compile some helpful information. I know that I am luckier than most, because I can keep going. I know many have so much pain that they have to stay in bed. Best of luck to all of you. Let's find some answers!