System to remember medications?

For those of you taking medication, what system do you have in place to remember to take them? I know for me, when the fog sets in, it can be difficult to remember to take med/vitamins. Even on "normal" days I can forget at times. I have a place in my kitchen where I keep them and have the bottles arranged by time of day, I also try to put my daily use water bottle (my favorite one with that I usually use everyday) next to the meds at night so I remember in the am. I take a medication early in the am for GERD and sometimes I forget to go back and take my other meds later. Putting the water bottle there helps me remember. I've also set alarms on my phone to remember the afternoon meds but sometimes I don't hear it go off. So I was just curious as to what system you all use? And Happy Sunday!!!!

Hi, Auburnm.

I use the Evernote smartphone app. It is brilliant. Check it out when you can. I am never without my smartphone, so it is the best way for me to remember everything including meds. As for not hearing the alerts, you can set a frequency of alerts within minutes of each other. I do this and I am always sure to hear one of the 6 I set! :wink:

Happy Sunday, hon. :slight_smile:

I have mine in weekly med planner. I take them with meals. My family is also good to remind me.

Hi, I just use the regular calendar app on my smartphone for meds I need to take during the day when away from home. On Sunday night I fill a pill bottle with the meds I need during the week while at work. I set both alarms to remind me. Thank goodness, I would not remember. My other meds are morning, supper and bed, so those aren’t hard to remember. What did we do before technology?? lol!

Thanks for all these good ideas, especially the smart phone apps! I usually take my thyroid tab somewhere around 2-3 am when I’m up for the umpteenth time going to the bathroom, and that’s if I am able to sleep at all. I take the Cymbalta within the first hour of getting up each morning, & the tramadol as needed, usually at least one tab every day,:(, but what I need help with is remembering to take my vitamins & supplements. I’m going to look at the App Store for those med reminder apps right now! :slight_smile:


I use weekly med planners, individual for the time of day. I set alarms on my phone for everything. The only problem I encounter with the alarms, I may turn them off if I am busy with something else and forget to take my medication. My 5 year old (almost 6) grandson will often remind me. My son (5 yr old's dad, single dad and truck driver) often calls me to make sure I have taken my meds. My best friend reminds me as well as my boyfriend. They all know how forgetful I am.

Now, my eyedrops for the corneal edema is a completely different story. I find those are more difficult to keep on a schedule. It takes longer to administer and they sting like crazy and it is only a temporary solution that does not really help much.

I know there are no sure way to keep each of us from forgetting and it is an individual journey. I wish you the best of luck and hope each of us figure out what works best for us. :)