Tattoos and Fibromyalgia

Hey guys!

So over the summer in July I got a tattoo of tigger to represent my aunt on my hip, I had fibro. The feeling was that of 5 needles at 500 degrees stabbed into your skin multiple times and seems like the person is laughing as they do it (they weren't just felt like it). The issue I am having is I want to get a yellow rose to represent my Amma (icelandic grandma) on my other hip, just debating when and if I can do the pain. After you have one even though it hurt like hell you still want another and it kinda goes in a cycle of wanting another and many of my buds with them have found that too but they don't have fibro. Does anyone else have tattoo experience with fibro?

I have a Tigger too! He’s on the back of my shoulder. I can’t really tell you how it felt cuz I was a little drunk and it was many years ago. I’d say not to get one and go through that pain unless it is really, really important to you.

Nope, but if you google this issue online, you'll find discussions on the subject. Might be helpful.

I agree with MBP tho, why go thru the pain again? But I'm a chicken, so near that in mind.

I have three tattoos. I have two on my back and one on my ankle. The big tattoo I have on my back took 2 sessions and over 8 hours of work. The pain grew very painful especially around my shoulder blades. I have one of my outside ankle and that was even more painful.

I am not sure how busy your tattoo artist is. Maybe you can get it done when you are feeling like you aren't having a fibro flare up.

Good luck!! And yes, even with fibro..i find that I want more tattoos. :)


I have two tattoos, one on my back/shoulder and one on my ankle. I’ve heard a couple different things about why some tattoos are more painful than others, unfortunately both unrelated to Fibro, but hopefully still helpful. Some say it has to do with the location on your body in that tattoos closer to bony areas, like your ankle, hurt more. In my experience the one on my ankle definitely hurt more. The other thing I’ve heard is that it depends on the quality of the tattoo artist; a better tattoo artist will hurt more and that tattoo will be of better quality and the color will last longer if it has color. My tattoos were done by two different people, the one on my back first, about 9 years ago. At the time I remember thinking that it didn’t hurt as badly as I had expected. Then when I had the one on my ankle done it felt much more like I had expected a tattoo to feel. Definitely felt like 5 needles but I don’t think I would say 500 degrees. I should add that at the time of my tattoos I was not officially diagnosed with Fibro but it was suspected. (I was dealing with another chronic pain bone condition diagnosed @ age 12.)

I hope this info was helpful. Good luck with Amma’s tattoo!

Gentle hugs,

Nope I can barely bare shots, IVs and blood draws...not tats for this gal! Hubby has nothing against them, but just not for me!