Thank You

Thank you to everyone for the support over losing my second fur-baby in 3 months. I am so overwhelmed by the love, compassion, and understanding you each have given me! The hole in my heart is starting to heal, thanks to each beautiful note I received.

For everyone who has shared with me the stories of losing their pets, or is facing that sad event, my heart and prayers are with you. Your babies were blessed to have such caring parents.

You guys are all truly amazing, and I am SO PROUD to be a part of this place with you.

Grateful Hugs,

Cody Nollie
1995 - 2013 1995 - 2013

Beautiful cats, Renie! I was looking through your pictures this weekend, and saw the photos of your other 2 kitties, I remember the name of one was Whitney, but the other escapes me, right now!

We love you, and care about you, girl! We're always here for you!