The BEST Thing!

Ohh my god today I went to the doctors and was complaining about my ankle the one I droped the keg on. Well he pushed real deep just the underside of ankle and made me jump sky high almost.

So he give me a b 12 lidocaine injection in the ankle 1 in the planter fascia and one just above the ankle.

My foot has never felt this good in last 20 years I mean asking to do it to both of the next month!!!

At work


I actually get probably 25-30 injections every month. About ten in my upper back. A few in my declatage. In my elbows, forearms, hips, lower back, thighs, knees and calves. But I’ve never had them in my feet and at first I could feel them numb up and so I left and went to work and then my right one hurt horribly but my left one was soo content lol. I’m gonna joke with him next mo. And tell him just give me a few syringes of that and show me how to put it where olololol. Because they only last for about 15 hours lol.

I think your new nickname should be Pincushion, not Punkin!

Do you get all of the shots at once? Do you get any sort of local to numb you before they go for it? Who gives you all of these shots? Do they all only last for 15 hours. I sure wish I could get my doc to give me shots in most of those places!

Kinda reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, "Comfortably Numb." Mmmmmm.

Isn't this some great news! You'll be camped on his doorstep! LOL! Isn't it wonderful when you finally have relief?

Take care not to over do it, I know that falls flat, but it is easy to reinjure when you are 'numbed up'.

Happy for you, Punkin!



Get them all at once Pet. No numbing no nothing it is the numbing medication and it lasts for about 15 hours. Dr. B gives them too me. I wish I would have gotten them today because I’ve been on my feet since 8:30 this morning and now I am working the Madonna concert.