The 'C' word~ Costochondritis

I have that to add to my long list of ailments. Doc lightly pushed on my lower side ribs and I screamed, jumped, and the tears shot out of my eyes! Said this was the chest pain that the GP feared was Angina. He had his gal come in and spray my back down with Ethel Chloride, cold as ice, but numbs the pain. Said my GP could also spray me, so must only be for use in the Dr office. Have to check on that!

SK, I didn't know it was that prevelant in fibro patients. I guess it is. 70% this says

SK I truly had no idea it could be so painful. I thought it was random stabs of pain thru the ribs. But I guess it depends upon the cause, as you always say.

I wish you could get the spray stuff for your home. Or something like it. And man, I'm so sorry that your pain is so darned bad. You have soooo much other pain to deal with and now this?

It's from or is the PsA! More fun!

I mentioned my cousin also sees him, he is always very interested and most adamant about hereditay links, insists there always is! She and I seem to have gotten it all!

Dear SK

Oh my, another painful problem to add to your long list. I was just reading about costochondritis. It's a strange problem that can correct itself or can come back. I am wondering how long lasting the spray is. Please keep us updated.

I also read your discussion about the ethyl spray that you got for osteoarthritis pain so I read the article you provided the link to. Very interesting. But how long does this last? Again we will be looking to you to update us.

At least it would be a relief that you do not have angina.Sigh

Much love


This article talks about ribs subluxing, going out of place. Have you seen your chiropractor about this pain? Just wondering.

Sometimes I can go to him (DC) and it helps, when I'm like this, I cannot stand to be touched, as my Rheumatologist found out! That was just excruciating! I've had this to the point of not being able to pick up a cup, my husband took me to our GP he looked at my husband, got out the needle, these two big strappin'men held me down and he shot me up in the sternum area with Demerol, knocked it out of me, I told the Rheum this story, I thought he would dirty himself! I agreed that it was memorable, thought I'd dirty myself too! UGH! Don't wanna go there again! It's morphine time!

I know Rachel, thanks!

Maybe Angina would be easier to treat? Now I know I can get sarcastic, but was not being so there. It really might be! I cannot tell you the people I have know that have gone through cancer and within months are free of it. Not us though, ours is forever!

I thought of you right away when I read this spray would help OA! I'll tell you, I had her spray my entire lower back and did not have that horrible SI joint pain from riding in the car on the way home, the ribs are killing me though!

That's telling you something when you take the spray for the SI over the ribs that just shot you through the ceiling!

Ooh, that certainly does tell me something if it's worse than SI joint pain! Oh, SK! I hope you can get this spray on a regular basis. I don't know how you cope with that kind of pain! I so hope that it goes away or lessens.

Indeed, it IS!

OMG, SK! This is extremely painful. I have it and it comes and goes but it is awful. I was having a bad bout of it when I had my mammo in March. Talk about pain- I felt like I was going to die. If my boob hadn’t been in that damn machine, I would have been in a puddle on the floor. I hate it!

I know MB, between him gently pushing my sides and the 35 minute car ride, I feel as though I have been beaten with a club today! Gonna be a miserable weekend or so!

Hope yours has settled down, you have enough going on with your recent surgery!



SK, you jinxed me! I hadn’t had it in a while and it has started up again. Probably from sitting in the car for five hours today getting my mom halfway to Atlanta so she can fly out in the morning. Glad I have a few pain pills left. Have a great night! Hugs, MB

Oh no! That car riding is just a killer for me! Good thing I like my little house! I don't know what I'll do when I can't ride anymore to get to this Dr.

If I am not significantly better by the end of January, I get moved on to Humira, a different biologic.

Speaking of that, I forgot my shot, no wonder I feel so bad, should have had it in me 3 hours ago!

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for all of us! Let's hope!

Oh Susan i feel so bad for u. the 1st time i got it it took 3er visits 3 nights in a row. i was a teen then and my anixiety took over when the pain got bad. i have never forgot it. i have had it since i think having asthma has something to do with me. i use a moist heat heating pad on my chest. if u have a cough make sure to try to hold a pillow tightly to your chest when u cough it should help a little.

just try to relax a much as possiable. try not to do anything to put any more strain on those musclles in your chest. take an antiinflatory round the clock something like aleve so that u alsways have something working. dont wait till u hurt to take do this for a few days till u start to feel better.

i hope u can find some relief very soon. for this weekend have people wait on u and just rest NO WORK. your house will not fall apart over 1 weekend. take care and gentle hugs

Thank you Steph, I think I am going to lay back down shortly with 2 heating pads, one for each side of the body! So sorry you went through this at such a tender age! When you start to age you expect to have things not working at peak perfection, but to go through this that young is just not fair!

I hope you are feeling better tese days, I know it has been a long hard road for you!