This made me think of alot of us, and how we have felt this way at one time or another

Like a tatterd, worn - out puppet lying tangled on the floor.My shattered self can't function the way it did before.

My bravely painted surface hides a core of dust, not strong enough to handle the simple tasks it must.

The world is harsh, demanding I cannot seem to cope, although I keep on trying I'm running out of hope.

This weakened wobbly person, needs help to get me through, to keep myself together Lord Please send down more glue.

So now maybe we could each share a part of our body that the pain is really bad and what we do to try to get it feeling better. Anything to help us deal with this pain right.

Aw it is very touching, thats why I wanted to share. I am so sorry you are in so much pain. Have you tried a heating blanket? I know this helps me alittle. Sending Gentle Hugs Your Way :)

SUCH a nice poem. If people don't "get" how you're feeling in the future, show them your poem. If they STILL don't get it, then they're rather hopeless on that front.

I can relate to that Robin! I think everyone who suffers a chronic illness can identify, especially when unrelenting pain is involved!

Sharing the part of my body that is really bad is my skeleton, especially the spine! I was always very active and athletic, sore muscles I can deal with and remedy, but nerve, joint and bone damage, not so much!

Lyrica, Oxiprozin, Opana, Enbrel, heat, hot baths, Sports Cream, Lidocaine Patch, walking, light stretching exercises, and Valium for the muscles while I'm at it!

Great poem! Thanks for sharing!

SK sounds like you have this down to the tee. I love HEAT lol heating pad,blanket or a hot tub always helps me. Glad you like the poem, Gentle hugs to you :)

Awww the first few months are the hardest Avenk. I was pretty p***ed off for the first year so you still have plenty of time to tear a few heads off if you need to. Any complaints, tell them to contact the complaints dept. (me) and I will deal with them myself. lol. (Very professionally of course... not).

Thanks for being you!

Awww that is so sweet Mrs pp!! Clever girly aren't you. I think you spoke for all of us there.

My back is probably the worst pain, all over, especially between the shoulder blades and at the bottom. Distraction is the best way to deal with my pains, including laughter. It "only" (lmao) hurts when I think about. And heat too. I bet some decent painkillers would help too, but I wouldn't know. Laughter is defo the best though any day!!

Thanks Robin, once it starts getting cold and damp (when the arthritics really suffer) I throw my top sheet and blankets in the dryer for 5 or 10 minutes before crawling in, and then in the morning when I get up, throw my clothes in, that way I am removing any cold or dampness from the fabric before putting my skin on or in it!

Lots of practice! LOL!

What a book this group could write!

Well, you help to keep us laughing! We all talk of having a Ben's Friend's convention sometime! Can you imagine? That would be quite the 'movie'!! LOL!

Ok Jo so when I come across a good joke or funny picture I'll send it your way... :)

Yes please! lol. I love reading the funny comments on here too. You guys are so funny. Sometimes I have to try to be serious or I will upset someone, you know, because we have real problems don't we