Too Hot then too cold!

I seem to not be able to regulate my temp… I work 13 hour shifts at night and when i get off work i am FREEZING!!! 20 blankets arent even enough to warm me up!!! then i cut the heat down in the house and take off all the blankets cause i know if i dont what will happen… i sleep with 1 sheet over me and no pj’s… When i wake up i am EXTREMELY hot!!! I am sick and dizzy and laying in a pool of sweat!! I always vomit and the go stand outside with nothing on cause im so hot!!! (i live in the mountains of NC and have no neighbors) The doctors say im obese and i dont think i am (I weigh 182 and im 5’3") but due to my weight i worry this could be a diabetic problem! Is this the fibro???

I get hot and cold like this not as bad as you. I too am a little heavier then a twig at 5'3''. Have your thyroid check out that is what regulates temps. good luck

Been there, done that! I am shorter than you, and about the same weight! I do the same thing. Hot, then cold..then hot, then cold! Especially at night! Ugh! I have to put the bedroom at arctic at night to be absolutely comfy! At that point, my husband Todd would freeze to death! LOL We also have tortoises so they would freeze too! I live in Massachusetts so I know what you mean about the outdoor coldness. Why last night, I was walking around in a light sweatshirt in the 40s! Crazy I know...but that is who we are....dang broken thermostat! LOL

I also get hot and cold but nothing like this. I will have to say that since I lost 10 pounds (due to having surgery and not being able to eat) it has gotten better and the highs and lows are not as bad. Now, I tend to stay a bit on the cold side as I did pre fibro.
Your temperature fluctuations could be due to thyroid, adrenal gland problems, hormones, dysautonomia, etc. also, when the docs say you are obese, they are probably relying on what your BMI is to determine that. BMI over 30 is generally considered to be obese so you might want to check that out. There are many BMI calculators online and you can just google and check it out for yourself.
Hope you get some answers and get those hots and colds under control!

This is part of fibro. It's called Dysregulation. Fibro sometimes affects your whole central nervous system and endocrine system, which supplies every hormone and chemical in your body.It's sure frustrating. It could also be that you are getting fevers, which could be dysregulation or could mean you have lupus rather than Fibro. I know I got super cold with low thyroid, but not the hot one. Diabetes doesn't do that from what I've studied and experienced.My daughter has gone into remission by taking D-Ribose, and I think it has setlled my fibro down more than 50%, but with all my other illnesses, I don't know which of my problems are still fibro or other illness. Ribose seems to me the answer to Fibro as much as insulin is the treatment f or diabetes. I learned about it here:

Hi ArcheryChick, I have to agree with your dr. I am 5’ and weigh 145. I am overweight. I need to loose around 20-25 lbs. The extra weight doesn’t help our pain or fibro in the least. Sorry but we are friends here and we need to speak the truth.

Have you been through menopause? Are on hormones? Are you exposed to chemicals at work? Just thinking…

I get really cold when my body is fatigued or straining muscles. As I relax, I feel like I'm boiling! My family is trying to get me to remember to snack, something I don't tend to do. That does seem to help with some of the fatigue - a granola bar, a chunk of cheese, etc. Being dizzy and vomiting are things I get with migraines. Is is possible that you get them? They often occur after the stress lets down. 13-hour shifts are very long!

As for diabetes, there is a reactive hypoglycemia that some of us get (I do). I eat, get high blood sugar, then it drops suddenly. The next thing I know, I'm asleep involuntarily. Regulating your weight with doctor supervision would be a good thing to do, since sugar levels can be affected by fibro. All in all, I would bring up all your concerns to the doctor. He should know about them.


Susan (Scribelle)

I've been complaining about this to my physicians for awhile now. Although, my extreme temperature changes arent severe enough to make me vomit or feel ill. But to me, it is embarrassing at times. For example, we went to a chorus concert at my sons school last night and at the start of the hour concert i was freezing and wrapped up not only in my coat but also in my husband and daughters coat. By the end of the concert, I was practically dripping in sweat. I have had labwork to check my thyroid and other things but was told all was normal. They did say that some meds (specifically the Savella) has a tendency to cause this. I cut my dose down to 1 tablet a day to see if there is any difference. Could it perhaps be a medication that you are taking?

Hi Tambina,

I know, I get this too, not to he extreme, but enough. We have electric baseboard heat and it's either ON or OFF, meaning it's either hot or cold! They have repeatedly checked my Thyroid, and I checked what he ran, to make sure ALL were run. From what I have read and understand it is difficult sometimes to catch.

Last time I went through this he upped my hormone dose! You are too young for menopause, so that leaves that possibility out for you, not sure about Archery!

Let me know, let us all know if you get any good answers on this, please!

Love and hugs,


BTW, I do have Raynaud's Phenomenon, so once I get cold, like from being out, it takes me forever to get warm.

Oh this is really good information, Sheila, I just caught it! thanks so much!

Thank you so much for all yorur input. Heres a little more info about me… I am 26 years old. I have had my thyroid checked so many times its not funny! I do need to loose a LOT of weight! (Dont worry, im not shy or easily offended about my weight) I am 5’3" and 183 lbs. I work in a hospital so i am exposed to alot of chemicals, illnesses, diseases, facal matter, urine, vomit… u name it! I have a constantly positive ANA and in detail it shows soujens (i cant spell it) But i dont have much of the dryness. i mean dry in some ways but no dry eyes or dry sinuses. Anyway, they think i might have silliac disease. ( This was just decided yesterday to test me for it)
Well, i gotta get back to work. Thanks again for all the input!

Just want to take a quick side trip. Since when does a one size fit all body image work. I have more muscle then fat but I am still overweight. My boys are too thin. I just want to know when did it become ok to label everyone with one size fits all. Sorry just had to get that off my chest.

As I was reading your post, I thought...that could be me writing this. I too work nights and when I am tired, I get COLD-think this is just a lack of sleep, night shift thing since I hear many people that work nights complain about this. I was obese for most of my life and just had gastric bypass a year ago and lost more than half of my body weight,so I have both perspectives now. While being overweight, I was ALWAYS hot! And everything-every symptom I've ever had (that is now being contributed to fibro)...I was told was from being obese. I have found out in my year long journey with weight loss AND being newly diagnosed a year ago (shortly after my gastric bypass surgery) with fibro- that when I was obese, all my symptoms were contributed to that...then now that I am 176 lbs lighter than I was....all symptoms are fibro related. Docs like to put all of your symtoms in a neat little "obese or fibo" box so that they don't have to keep looking for another diagnosis. My rheumatologist had me on gabapentin and savella- I had HORRIBLE HOT FLASHES (plus other side effects), couldn't sleep kept putting blankets on and throwing them off all night! All day, same thing..sweatshirt on...then was driving me batty. The docs want you to get good sleep, but how can you when the hot flashes are waking you up? Are you on any meds that the hot flashes could be a side effect from? Of course the one med that didnt give me any side effects, but worked is vicodin-which as many people know, the docs (or most) wont give for fibro. My pcp gave me vicodin for months which didnt take away all the pain, but dulled it to the point that I could work and have some what of a life....but then he sent me to a quack rheumatologist that doesnt care if you are in pain...just says here take this med (but not pain meds-he doesnt believe they help with fibro-only masks the pain...wth?), says the fibro meds work in 40% of patients, and if you get just one point down on the pain scale (and im always at a 9-10), that is good. Good for who??!!?? Not me! Those statistics aren't good enough for me. And once my pcp threw me over to the rheumatologist, he won't even treat me for the body I have been in constant pain since October...with no relief! Would they let their dogs suffer in pain? Then why do they let us fibro patients suffer? I know there must be some caring docs (which i thought my pcp was) out there...but WHERE ARE THEY??? We didn't ask to have this why do they treat us like we do? I have stopped taking the savella and gabapentin for about a week now- and NO hot flashes or other nasty side effects. The meds didn't work for the pain anyways, so why should I take them? I have an appt with a physiacist (? spelling), and am hoping he can help more that the rheumatologist did. Sorry for the rambling, Oh, and by the way the nausea could also be from either your meds (if you are on any), the hot flashes themselves, or even your pain. I hope things get better! :)

thank you for awnsering to my post! I have heard many people mention the night shift thing. And i did see my pcp the other day. she said its not my meds, im too young for hot flashes and to sleep with a fan! It really was rude the way she said it! I mean she dont understand! The only time i can escape the pain is to go to sleep and i cant even do that because i cant sleep!!! I cant take powerful pain killers because i have a hyper-sensitivity dissorder. i react to the slightest change. My skin is even so sensitive at times i cant stand to be touched. then other times you have to really try to hurt me! Anyway, there I go rambling… Thanks to all who sent me a message!