Help with pain

I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this about their body. I went to work ( massage therapist)today and when I got out of work it was raining and really cold. This is a change in weather. When I got home I was extremely tight so I thought I should stretch a little. Then my body got really hot and like it was just getting inflamed. Now I’m in a lot of pain.

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Yes, I started noticing this some time ago. The weather can be very changeable here in the UK, especially this time of year. Very warm yesterday morning when I went out. Too warm to even wear a light coat, then an hour later lots of cold wind. So, by early evening I was beginning to really feel the pain. I find it best to keep warm, rest as much as I can until it passes.

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I react to weather changes; both hot and cold, rainy, any change in weather fronts. I also can’t regulate my body heat. I may be freezing one minute, piling on clothes and 15 minutes later too hot.

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Today I went to get a massage and the lady did medical massage. Which is deeper. I felt so good while receiving it, it’s been about a hour now and im starting to feel run down. My body felt like it was twisted like a towel had been rung out. I better drink lots of water

Yes, change in weather causes me flare ups. all changes in weather seem to cause issues, Used to just be warm to cold. now rain, cold to warm, warm to cold. . Would love to move to a state or country with temperate weather most of the year, would be amazing.

Yup, same for me. Though typically not switching from too cold to too hot so quickly. but layers layers layers always

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Yep, definitely me too for this prevention bit. “Onion-look” we call it in German.
What is important is not just to have the layers with me all the time, it’s to react to triggers in seconds to minutes. So if someone says it’s gotten cold, maybe I ask, or I check a weather app, I will do prevention, by making sure I get heated up inside, or at least put warmer things on before I go outside. Once I’ve gotten too cold it is very painful and takes many hours to alleviate, up to 8-10h. That’s why it’s important to know me and the weather inside out and be very quick. Good for everyone around me to know and watch out too, like my wife and friends. They often don’t know what exactly to watch out for, but at least they can utter vague warnings and then I can think about what to do.
My main onion layers are a thicker hoodie over a thinner one plus “rain legs”, some plastic bits to tie to the front of my thighs to my knees. Bought for cycling in the rain, but used now as a quick protection for the cold as well as working protection in the garden.
Due to Raynaud’s plus fibro 4 pairs of socks, due to the CoV-jabs a 5th pair or socks and 3 loop scarves which I can also put around my head/forehead if the hoodies tied close aren’t enough (which is sometimes necessary to not get a neck pain).

Change in weather would be very typical for fibro. The most common one that studies find is changes in the barometric pressure, so this may be behind it, and not necessarily the rain or the cold.
I think you misinterpreted the extreme tightness, thinking it was from your work. If from the cold it wouldn’t be something to do stretches on at all, it’d be something for all the different kinds of heat, like pads, spelt/grain cushions, hot water bottle, warm shower or bath, maybe alternate with cold, maybe only in small body parts, to get the circulation moving again, all only as much as is comfortable, but repeated. And taking it very easy.

I’m not sure on how exactly the hot flash may have come about, but maybe the inflammation was there before, but the “cold” was numbing that?
My following experience yesterday might suggest trying something cold, like in my case a cold shower when getting a hot flash or feeling inflamed…
I got a hot flash yesterday from a histamine reaction after eating <100g white beans (without the antihistamine enzyme DAO before). That was after pain / fog / fatigue, which took me an hour to realize what it was from. For histamine like for fibro and MCAS GABA helps me, but when the hot flash came, I knew a cold shower would be best for me. Something I can’t usually take any more at the moment, after CoV in March, altho it’s usually very helpful. Praps when it gets hotter again.