Since your FIbro, have you had trouble trying to keep you weight at a reasonable level?

HI Everyone, about 4 years ago, my weight started plummeting. No matter how much I ate, I kept losing or maintaining the weight. I was really worried for a while, because my Father passed away of Colon Cancer. He had gotten awfully thin before he was diagnosed. So, my wonderful nurse, Megan, decided to do all kinds of tests on me to see what was going on. It turned out I was fine, but she thinks of the pain I go through with my Fibro might have helped me to not gain weight. There is so much energy in me when I have a flare-up. I don't mean running around and doing things, It is just the sheer effort of trying to make it through everyday. Believe me, I would get exhausted by the end of the day. Also Megan had my metabolism checked and it was off a little bit - meaning I was burning more calories than I needed to. Well, the weirdest thing happened in May of last year. Even though my Fibro progresses as time goes on, I started to put on weight. I don't know why, but I was so happy. I was so thin before and it was something I couldn't control at the time. Also I was very conscious of it too. I am 5' 6'' tall and my weight for a long time was 109 - 110. WAY too thin for me. As of last May, I now weigh 121 pounds and it looks really good for me. So far, I am able to maintain it. Hugs! Laurie

yes, everytime I have a really bad flare I lose 15-25 lbs. when I'm feeling pretty good I gain it back. probably because I like to bake, and I like to eat what I bake LOL. I'm like a yo-yo. I hope you can keep it that way, Charlie :)

Hey Charlie - Don't worry about it. Tonight, after dinner, I polished off the last of my peanut butter cookies that I got at the bakery a while back. I never really had a craving for sweets until the later stages of my Fibro. Do you know if there is some scientific reason for this? I don't do this often, but once in a while i HAVE to have something sweet or I am NOT a happy camper! LOL Laurie

Man I wish I had that problem!!! I’ve just stayed heavier since gaining 70lbs on lyrica

Laurie, I am so jealous... I was tiny forever 89-98lbs, 127lbs pregnant lol. I was always looking to skinny like you said. I was always so busy with 3 children 2 years apart. Than out of the blue I gained 15lbs, found out I have Hyperthyroidism. Ok I looked good to me at 112lbs perfect for my 5'2" short self. Then I was diagnosed with Fibro, on all kinds of medicine, laying on the couch most the days because of the pain. BAM I gained about 40lbs more. I don't like myself at all now, but I just make a joke of it. My nick name is "Fluffy" and I now waddle too. For a while I forced myself to walk but than my legs started swelling and turning red. I watch what I eat, and have starved myself and notta, nothing, no weight loss. Sooo I'll just live with it for now haha. When I get more energy I'll probably try to lose again. Hope you have a nice day, Lots, of hugs, Robin

I'm right there with you fibromommy.... :)

HI Robin - I agree that taking meds does contribute to weight gain. There was one med (can't think of it right now) I was on several years ago and while taking it, I went from 118lbs to 135kbs. It went mostly to my hips. I know some women who gain weight and it goes to the last place they don't want it go, and that's the hips. It's not fair, is it?? LOL I remember when I was too thin, I used to have women say to me that I was so "lucky' to be able to lose weight so easily. Little did they know, that I was miserable about it all. None of my clothes fit. You could see the weight loss in my face too. When my son graduated in May of last year,just before I was able to gain weight, a picture was taken of him and me, and I was just mortified!! I looked awful, especially in my face and my arms. So an angel must have been on my shoulder, because it was about 10 days later when the weight started to come back. Like I said, I don't why this happened, but I am grateful for it. Being so thin was very hard on my body too. I never felt good and with the flare ups on top on top of this, well, my appetite was not good. Some days, I just didn't feel like eating and then other days I would eat so much and top it off with dessert! LOL

Laurie, That was the good thing for me too. Could eat anything I wanted and not worry. What I miss the most was my daughter always gave me her hand me downs lol, when she was pregnant a few months ago I got to loan her my now clothes lol. :)

Yes. I used to be overweight, close to 200 pounds. After my accident I just kept losing it, and now I'm in between 140-150, it always changes. I hate it, but I know its because I'm not getting enough calorie intake.

Holly - Thanks for responding! I am seeing more on this website about women who are having weight problems, whether their weight goes up or down. I am sorry that you are having a tough time. I know the frustration of it all. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. I always call it a 'catch 22' situation. I have a couple of Fibro friends that have put on weight and they are upset about it. Yet for them, one eats very little and the other one eats quite a bit. The thin friend can't put on weight at all. However this started with her Fibro a while back. I keep thinking as I read all that Fibro may play a part in. Also, as you know, everyone has their on way dealing with our illnesses. Some people shut down and don't want to talk about it, others turn to food, then,some don't eat because of the depression they go through. The depression can sometimes cause me not to be hungry I was diagnosed many years go. I am on Prozac. One of the reasons I decided to take this med, is it helps me deal with my Fibromayalgia. I was also diagnosed with clinical depression. I know a lot of fibro patients that are depressed and rightly so. We have chronic pain and spasms that go along with us, and it can cause havoc on our mindset. I am happy to hear from you Holly! Please keep me posted?? Hugs!! Laurie

Hi Laurie,

I'm 5'4 and barely weigh 90ibs. I've always been on the 'thinner' side but its gotten worse through the years. The only time i got above 110 was when i was pregnant and the doc was amazed I reached a 125 at all. I eat alot, even often wake and eat during the night (when I am my hungriest). I've had countless scans on my stomach and intenstines. The only thing we do know is that I have a kinked colon (severely kinked in 3 places) which accounts for a great deal of pain but not the fast metabolism. I wish I could maintain it. I'm 31 and it seems to be getting wrose rather then better, but I've had fibro since i was a kid.

I also have high 'energy' not like i can do much with it but i call it being 'wired'..pain wires me awake (part of my chronic insomnia) it's like I'm general switched on no matter how exhausted or sleepy I am. Sometimes I do things or pace because of it.

Flare ups can make me lose what little i gain but its getting sick that generally takes away any success i have. And successful weight gain is a lot of work for me. Even when on a high calorie or carb diet I just don't gain much if it all. I wish I knew why I have this problem.

Honestly I wish I had that problem of losing. I have done nothing but gain weight. I was a healthy 150 and now top the scale at 180! I am miserable but too tired and in too much pain to exercise. I. Only 5’2" so I carry it all in my thighs and midmidsection. I’m miserable and would love to lose at least 20 lbs.

Iv done nothing but gain weight . Iv never had to diet now thats a full time thing for me .

Be careful what you wish for! With all my weight loss I now have low blood sugar and I can't shower at all, only bathe, because I get too dizzy and nearly faint. As happy as I am that my body is much nicer looking, the pain and physical damage losing that weight has done to me is not worth it at all. I see black spots constantly and I can barely walk in a straight line unless I eat a ton of sugar. Have you tried nature walks? It sounds corny but it's actually so helpful! When you walk in the nature there are so many things to look at and that's the best thing about distractions, they stop us from thinking about the pain, it doesn't go away of course but its not as noticeable, I try to walk every day if I can.

HI Callie - I understand what you are going through. I have friends who used to be able to eat everything they wanted. But, now that they're older, they are gaining weight, They aren't too happy about it either!! Maybe gaining weight is the result of depression over the Fibro?? Plus having chronic pain certainly doesn't help either. It's not easy for a lot of people, especially with all that we go through. Also, exercise seems to be part of the problem because a lot of us just can't do it, as we are in so much pain.. Hang in there and thanks so much for responding! Laurie

HI foxy - you said the magic words! We are too tired and miserable to do any exercise. I try to make an attempt to walk - but it is absolutely impossible, because once I start walking, within just a few minutes, my hips are burning and aching and I have to turn around a just go home. I was always athletic, so this a shock to me. Very frustrating too! Laurie

Thats exactly what it is. Just cant do the things we like and r use to doing. Most days spent n bed or a chair cause u just hurt to much to even move. I do try moving around as much as possible but it will never b enough . Im one of those people that makes hokes and laugh instead of cry so im sure im pretty hard to ready for most people. I think every one of us r saints . We try to lift each others spirts that need it.

I have gained 30 lbs since being diagnosed. Not happy. I was very small…

Hi Tricky - A lot of people with Fibros either gain or lose. I know that having Fibro can be very depressing for some and along with the pain, maybe this is the reason we change our eating habits. I mentioned this to one of the members, Callie. I am sorry that you are going through this. My problem, as you read in my post, was. I was eating but couldn't put the weight on. I think my metabolism was effected somehow. I do know that it's very hard for us fibros to exercise, as it just hurts too much. I have tried so many times to walk and within a few minutes, I can barely put one foot in front of the other. This is a real blow to me, because I used to be so athletic. I had to accept that I needed to really slow down - but it wasn't an easy acceptance for me. There so many things that I can't do anymore and it really frustrates me! Thanks, Tricky, for responding to me! Hugs!! Laurie

I have always had aproblem with gaining too much but I was always able to work out and ate healthy most of the time. I loved working out and had fun cooking healthy meals. Over the past year and and a half since the pain and fog of fibromyalgia really began I have gained 70 pounds. I’m in the worst shape of my life and I hate myself like this. I don’t have motivation I need to maintain a workout routine or shop and cook those healthy meals. Exercise is so much more painful and feel like an idiot trying to just walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes. I’m really struggling with this every day. Everyone says I have to make time to take care of myself with diet and exercise and it should be a priority. But too many things are a priority already. I have to work full time and I have a 15 year old and a 2 year old that are my first priority. Dealing with my weight is a major stressor for me right now.