Toxic people

Hi, everyone! Well, as you all know, I was having trouble with my 37 yr old daughter being against me for taking narcotic meds for my Fibro. So I did as several of you thought I should do.

I texted her and more politely than I wanted to, I pretty much told it how it was, and how disappointed I was in her siding with my soon to be X husband and plotting behind my back. That made me feel better for 1 day. So today I went to see my son & my new grandson. I could tell he seemed to be distant from me. He told me he would not take sides against me, but God only knows what all she told him. So now, I have him to worry about. I swear, I can't win for losing! Oh, by the way, I almost forget to tell you that I pretty much told her I had to take her out of my life until I got better. I hated so much to have to do this, because she has my 8 yr old grandson. He has a birthday next month and I am sure she won't invite me to his party or whatever. Did I do the right thing, or did I just dig myself in deeper?

Mimi, I appreciate your input so much. Thank God I found this website. You will find that it is so wonderful to talk to people that know what it is like to be in our shape. Big,big Hugs, Girl!

Hello tired of being tired

The answer to your question (Did I do the right thing?) is not for us humans to determine. It's something that you, and only you, must answer for yourself. I don't know if you believe in prayer, but I do. So , for me it would involve lots of prayer and communing with God and asking Him the question..........and then waiting for Him to answer me. That requires time and patience.

I know something for my own life. There are caustic people in my own family who do not support me and do not really believe that I have fibromyalgia. For me these people are the source of stress, unnecessary stress. Stress leads to widespread pain throughout my body. This is detrimental to my health and I have a choice whether I wish to continue to submit myself to this or not. I decided that I it served no useful purpose for me to continue to expose myself to these people so I just do not. It negatively impacts my health and I need to take care of myself which has become a full time job.

I am not telling you what to do because that is not appropriate for me to do. Your life is not the same as my life. I am simply telling you my decision and how I arrived at it. Making that kind of a decision is a process that takes time.

You are in the process of divorce which adds another layer of stress itself and emotions are very much involved so you have many things to consider and you are the only one who can make that decision. That decision will bring you much pain which ever way you decide.

I hope things calm down in your life and that you can have peace very soon.

Yes, I too wish you some peace of mind, it will help your body!

Yes, you are right about toxic people. I'm just sorry that my daughter had to be one of those people. But life goes on, and I feel better for it. She is a know it all and I just don't think that even this site would help her to understand. She just thinks that I am weak. But thanks so much for your thoughts.

You are right about peace of mind. I am seeing a counselor as you probably know, and it seems to be helping. Thanks for blessed thoughts!

I can so relate to what you are going through. I feel like I have 0 support. I hurt so bad 90% of the time…and most of it is due to the stress of trying to get the people around me to understand what I am going through. The constant tension makes me feel like I am in a permanent flair up.
I also have begun removing people from my life that “torture” me but its getting to the point where I am pretty much alone.

I sooo relate to you qball. I am alone! I live in this house by myself and my little 11 year old Yorkie. He is the only one that truly loves me. You are so right to get away from toxic people. It is hard to be alone, but at least I don't have people around me that thinks it is all in my head. If I had not left my husband and put my daughter on the back burner and sought counseling, I honestly do not believe that I would still be here. I swear that it had gotten to that point. My counselor says that I am a people pleaser, and she is right. I guarantee everyone on this site has always put ourselves last. We have got to break that habit and learn to think about ourselves. I know it is going to be hard for me to do, but hopefully with my counseling, I will get to that point! So qball, you are not alone anymore. This site is so great because everyone on here is either crazy,ha, or they all know how we feel and what pain we go through. And always remember, what goes around, will come around! I am at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ if you ever want to talk.