UGH! Debilitating Weather Changes

So, what state do you live in and what is your perfect weather? If you had the chance to set the weather in your area what would it be?

I live in Washington State and everyone thinks it always rains here. On the contrary it doesn’t. However, the weather change is awful. Friday it was 98 degrees out and yesterday it went down to 73 degrees. Nothing like a huge drop in the barometric pressure to make you not want to do a darned thing at all. Today its a whopping 60 degrees.

My perfect temperature would be 73 with no breeze, 76 with a small breeze and 80 deg with a bbigger breeze.

I knew when I woke up before even looking outside that today was going to be one of those days cuz my shoulders and knees and ankles felt swollen and didn’t want to move.

Hope everyone is having a good weather day.
Gentle hugz.

I live in Arizona. A good part of the year it is mild, dry, 79's and 80's which I like and feel best in. The dreaded summers are triple digits, it's already been 116 here this summer. Summer monsoon storms cause me lots of pain and fatigue, so do strong winds.

I'm not sure there is a perfect place for fibro sufferers where the weather is one way all year around.

I like it here because it never gets really cold and it is not humid. It's sunny most all the time so no depressing cloudiness either.

I think once I get used to high temps I am fine. I just can’t handle to drastic changes like Wa has. Arizona.sounds nice for me!

Hi Punkin.

I'm in Massachusetts. It rains here a LOT in the spring. Not so much in the summer But it's been extremely hot and humid this year. Humidity does bother me, but the rain and cold are much worse! I don't know how I'm going to cope come winter.

My ideal weather is in the 60's or low to mid 70's. Sunny. A nice breeze blowing. Didn't get much of that this year. Usually we do in June and August. Not this year.

Punkin, I'm like you. Don't like those drastic shifts in temp, as they HURT. And MAN, you've had them in spades this past week! Hope it's gonna be nicer soon.

I live in the UK and to be outside would suite me down to the ground in the late 50s with a slight to much heat burns me up within 10mins and for inside the property it suites me in the late 60s or just over without any with raynauds besides and trying your hardest to live in between temops is hard.


I live in Sunny South Florida where it has been raing here almost daily... I open the door and it's a very muggy 97 degrees. Just horrid. My idea weather is low 70's and brezzy and I'll use a cover if I get chills. Sending Gentle Hugs Your Way :)

Hi PigPen. I visited my grandpa in ft. Myers and it was gorgeous down there. It took me 3 days to get acclimated but once I got acclimated I loved it although, that was about 6 mo. Before I was rearended by the semi truck.

Haha we go there for our Anniversary every year. Beautiful place and if close to the ocean weather is perfect:)