Uh Oh

I guess I spoke to soon about the sweats. This past week I've been randomly sweating and most of the time I'll be cold (like when you have the flu but I'm not sick.) I hate sweating, and I barely sweat as it is and now I can't stop it..

I heard that from someone else too. The sweating is horrible! I’ve been taking Cymbalta for a month now on Monday the 23rd. It also makes my mouth dry, and I will dizzy and nauseous from time to time. Cymbalta is the only thing I can take for fibromyalgia. I’m scared if I stop taking it my symptoms will go back to being worse. They are mild after I started taking the medicine.

Unfortunately it’s the Cymbalta, is a side effect. I’m constantly sweating, and I’m really cold too. Even in the winter I’m sweating. I suggest you getting a fitness cooling towel, it helps me. I soak it in cold water and I put it on my neck and it helps me to be cool and the sweat free for a little while.
I use it when I have to cook or just doing anything.
It helps me so I hope it helps you.
Soft and caring hugs.

Oh man!! Do you think the sweating is worth it if Cymbalta helps with fibro? If I put a cold towel on me I will freeze. It’s suprr weird.

Thank you, Lovett. I see my doctor on Monday, so I’m going to ask him about it then. I will keep you posted on what he says. I’m not a fan of the sweating. But I don’t do it all the time. It comes in spirts. It’s weird.

You can use the towel to keep you dry form the sweat too. You don’t have to have it with the cold water. It’s just keep you dry and cool. You never know if you don’t try it.

Hi Alyssa,

I am a sweatmonster all the time. Mine started before the Cymbalta. I think mine is anxiety and my bodies response to stress. I have some stressors happening. But I am sure that the Cymbalta is not helping. I hate these sweats, but it has relieved my body aches quite a bit and my night time anxiety. I think it is about out weighing one thing for another..

I'll give it a shot. Thank you. :)

Ahhh.. :( . That's good in a way too. I am not a sweater. It sucks, and it is soo gross! It's like I sweat right after I get out of the shower. But I don't really get hot either. I get cold super easy though. Cymbalta is my last hope. I can't take anything else. I took my last one today too which is weird because I filled my proscription on May 23rd the day I found out I have fibro and I started it the next day, so I should have one more, but I don't. Glad I see my doctor tomorrow.

Alyssa, I do it too. Will be fine one minute and then feel like I'm suffocating with heat the next. I have to tuck my abdomen under a blanket, while leaving out my legs, arms and head. Sometimes I'll sweat like a pig; don't know if it's the change of life or fibro.

It could be a little bit of both… my mom gets crazy hot flashes! I don’t feel like I’m suffocating though.

Hi Lovett,
The doctors went ok today. He’s keeping me on the Cymbalta. He did check my pressure points again, and they are still tender. I did ask my doctor if I qualified for a handicap placard, and I do. I just wanna use it on bad days where I can’t walk at all! He also said it might be a good idea to get a walker for the days that I have a hard time walking. I’m 26, and I having a hard time with the whole walker thing. But if it helps that’s all that matters, right?


I totally get where you're coming from, considering your age and needing a walker. BUT you can find some cute ones on eBay if you're patient and willing to look and do comparison shopping for the best product/price. I found one that was pink. Turns out it didn't help me because my back hurt so bad that I couldn't even use it very far, and I'd picked out one of the ones that you can sit down on, which weigh more. eBay also has some fantastic canes on it, although again, you have to be patient and hunt them down. I have about 12, in all kinds of colors and patterns. I like to think of it as a fashion accessory rather than a medical device. Yeah, right, I know! But still, I do have colors to match all of my outfits.

A handicapped placard is a total blessing! Especially when you're out food shopping. GO for it! Oh, and I've found that people are way kinder to you when they see you struggling with the walker and cane, and help you out when you drop the can of soup in the grocery aisle for the 10th time.



Thank you, Pet. I didn’t know they had walkers like that. I would need one with a chair though. I’m going to go look at ebay right now. lol. If a walker is going to help me on bad days I will use it. Not being able to walk it starts to hurt my back but when I use support it really isn’t that bad.

Hey, he talked about upping the dose, but since it’s ok right now he left it like it is. It was really hard. A few years ago I was somewhat ok, to talking about walkers. There’s nothing I can do about it. Just try to embrace it and live for today. I’m not sleeping again, which sucks. I can’t move I’m so fatigued. :frowning: Today is my first appointment with a dermatologist and I have to leave in 20 minutes… I guess I should go. I hope you have a good day. Xo…

So sorry, I have not had that problem. yet. But, the symptoms vary so much from month to moth or day to day/ I never know when or how I am going to find myself coping. My memory is pretty good about important things. It is mostly about logic. And, when I am under a great deal of stress my logic goes out the window. Mine will usually settle in one place for a long time or move from day to day. I wish I could b e more helpful, but it is so complex and hard fro others to understand.

I will try to be here to help or just listen. I have been diag. since 1996. I had to quit work due to the inability to concentrate and the unpredictability of my showing up for work. God Bless and we are all here for you.

Thank you, Cheryl. It’s a day to day kinda thing. But lately it hasn’t been to bad. I don’t feel hot anymore and my body will overheat. I get cold super easy. It was 105 here on Monday and I went swimming with my husband, twice, and each time after being in the water for 5 minutes I froze. Does stuff like that happen to you? I got diagnosed on May 23, 2014. I can’t work. I also have an autoimmune disease that isn’t full blown yet (I have signs of both lupus and r.a) and it hurts to bad to do anything. Housework even kills me!

I am so sorry!:frowning: hope the Doc can help eliminate this problem.