Warriors Declaration

I posted this in a discussion and thought why not to all;

I got this poem from a lady that reads it every week she does family tours at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I made her a custom quilt and this is one of the things she wanted machine embroidered onto the quilt.

Hope you all enjoy and really listen to the words as you read them. They made a huge impact on my life! I wish the same for all of you.


I am tired of settling

I am tired of living beaten down

I am tired of being told that this is how life is going to be

I am tired of being afraid

So I am taking my position as a daughter of the Most High

I know who I am; I know Whose I am

I know what I believe and Who I believe in

I know who I’m fighting against; and what I’m fighting for

Today I am making the decision to stop living like a survivor and start living like a warrior

I refuse to settle; I refuse to just get by;

I refuse to lay low; cower down; and live my life in the background

I am in this thing to win.

Mountains don’t scare me, valleys won’t stop me, people won’t hinder me

I will fight until I conquer!

I will not give up any ground I have fought for;

I will not be pushed over; under; or backward;

I will stand my ground until I make progress

I know times will get tough, but I will get tougher

I know I might fall down, but I will get back up

I know I might fail, but I will keep on trying

I have settled in my heart, I will not be a causality

I will not be missing in action

I will not be a prisoner of any war

I am determined; I am not a quitter, I am not a failure,

I am not a coward, I am not a victim, I am not a survivor


~Author Unknown~

Hello Wonky Momma,

Thank-you for posting that. You are right, that is truly inspirational and should be seen by as many of us on here as possible.

Take care, Anne

Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

I took it up to my pain management program and passed it out to a bunch of people plus I stood up and read it aloud to the entire hospital cafeteria. It is always so well received. One of the staff is starting a women's group through her church for abused women and she is going to use that poem as the basis of her program.


The poem is beautiful, a true inspiration for all. Thank

You for sharing.

I love this. The words are beautiful. I just wish I felt that I could follow thru with them and be that Warrior.