Weak jello arms.. symptom or coincidence?

I'm so sore, but I washed and dried 3 loads of laundry :) was getting a little low on the unmentionables :P not enough energy to fold it, but it's clean.. Is it normal for your arms to want to fall off when hanging clothes on the line? Just wondered if that was a fibro thing or if it's some other thing, cuz it's been that way for almost forever, just getting worse (like braiding my daughters hair, or washing mine...) I finished the wash at 2pm (its 9 pm in my world now) I was so tired an hour ago I couldn't even keep my eyes open.. but now I'm awake cuz my stupid arms were just aching away... and of course carrying 3 loads of laundry is high on my most favorite forms of torture list.. any suggestions to make the aching just go away.. I'm fricken beat

I get that alot. Especially when the weather turns bad. I am on the east coast and in the last few days, with alot of rain, has just about done me in! My shoulders and arms felt like they were lead weights, then the knees started to go also.

I wake up in the morning feeling as if I have been hit by a truck. My husband wakes me up each day with the weather forecast, it used to be the daily news but he is getting so used to seeing me fight my way out of bed, stretching and moaning and trying to get my limbs to work. He has spent this weekend watching the weather radar and telling me when the cold front is going to move away. He told me this morning that I should be feeling much better after lunch and to rest this morning.

The cold front is leaving? Oh good.. My body doesn't know which way is up.. Thursday it was 27C and this morning it's -3C too cold for me..

What a nice hubby you have, sounds like he's very supportive.

Blessings to you

ABSOTIVELY POSOLUTELY A SYMPTOM!! When my Fibro was not as severe as now. I successfully took pantothenic acid, which is vitamin B5. A football team Dr. told me about it. It dissolves the lactic acid in the muscles that makes them hurt, and it heals the stomach and liver, unlike aspirin, tylenol and ibuprofen. It's also cheaper. He said this even kept all his players off codeine or stronger meds. They used it for workouts, and even after injuries. It's a great help.