Weird, my arm pai is moving. . shifting

the other day the pain was originating from my wrist, on top of it and to the side by my thumb. . .today its in the middle of my wrist and much more swollen. . . .I am worried now. how can it move? it's redder and much more swollen. . seems to be traveling down my arm?? wtf

Do you have psoriasis or psoriasis in your family? Psoriatic arthritis comes from psoriasis or a family history and has the same symptoms as fibro plus swelling, redness and soreness at joints.

I don't know if fibro causes redness and swelling, Mo. I mean, my fingers do swell but not like the extent you're talking about (except once.) Maybe some others can shed some light on this?

is it possiable there could b an infection like from an unnoticed from a spider bite or a cut. from what i know redness and swelling is the sign of infection. i could b wrong i am not a dr or nurse. while i know u having alot of pain in one hand have u been able to do any research on your symptoms? i hope u can find an answer and relief very soon. good luck best wishes

Mo, I am not a doctor but it doesn’t sound good. I would go to an ER to be on the safe side, if it were me. I have known several people who have had a spider bite (as Stephanie mentioned) or serious infection with similar issues to what you’re describing. Please take care and keep us posted.

Nerve pain is often the fibro but redness and swelling sounds more like tendonitis or arthritis. If its spreading down your arm quite quickly I would get to a doc pretty quickly. It could be a nasty infection. It sounds really weird and painful. Let us know how you get on

Mo, how are you doing? Are you okay?