What Are Your Favorite Distractions from Pain?

There's a great discussion at WebMD on what we do to distract us from chronic pain.

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Distraction can be one of the best ways to cope with chronic pain. I know it is for me.
  • What are some of your favorite distractions?
  • Do you like movies? What are some of your favorites?
  • Are you a reader? What kinds of books or magazines do you like?
  • Are you a gamer? What are some of your faves?
  • What else? And do any of your favorite distractions cause you pain but you do it anyway because the emotional payoff is so worth it?

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Some of the things mentioned include meditation, reading, listening to music, surfing the net and e-mail, and spending time with grandchildren.

So what's your distraction?

I used to read a lot but it is harder for me to concentrate now. I also have dysautonomia so it is difficult to sit for periods of time so I use my iPad a LOT. I can use it anywhere and I watch tv, play games, read, do crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, email, talk to y’all. I also like to cuddle with my babies, Tulip and Sassy. I also LOVE to eat but am pretty limited right now. Good think chocolate peanut butter shakes are soft! LOL I have not been exercising a lot because of my surgery but I exercise sometimes even if it causes me pain and fatigue, mostly because I LOVE to eat. LMAO. I also have always been very active and it is killing me not to be. I feel like a big blob. I like to keep my house looking good and to work on the house and yard, which I also do even though it puts me in bed for a couple of days, or longer, after. I am just not good at having limitations. Anyway, what do y’all do?

MB sounds like you are on the mend !! You made me smile when you said LMAO I love to eat !


I love to read but have busted the stupid plug to the power cord right where it plugs into the computer on two separate computers due to my fibro, as I have to move the computer countless times as I adjust my body to the pain. Reading really helps me to forget the pain for a while. I also love to write creative pieces. And, of course, spending time with my doggies is right up there with my other two hobbies. If I feel extra well I might do a little bead work.

I'm hoping others answer to so I can see what they say.

Yes it does, doesn't it? When you can think fondly about food again, you're on the mend.

MBP, how much longer must you wit before you can have any solid foods? Girl, if I were in your shoes, I'd be ripping heads off by now in my desire for food!

Even with my fibro I cannot just sit and watch tv. I use to quilt all the time but it makes me hurt now so I don’t do it very often. I also love to paint and am hoping I can get back into it without too much trouble. I do love to read and do it often but like petunia I have to continually move a lot. I am also working on a huge cross stitch project and am currently working on a plastic canvas dollhouse for my niece. I also hope to read some other posts to see what else others do.

Thanks Dee- I am glad I made you smile. Other than a lot of fatigue, I am doing much better. I am told that it will take up to six months for the fatigue to totally go away because i was under anesthesia for so long and it stays in your system for a long time. however, it is my mom who told me that and she is pretty fussy. LOL Pain is not too bad most of the time. I am getting antsy but what is new?

Dang Petunia, food is all I ever think about! LOL. I go back to the doc for a follow up on November 12. I have to have some tests before I see him and then he will tell me if I can eat normal food again. I am ready for a huge bacon cheeseburger at Cheeburger Cheeburger. I find it ironic that even if I consume a lot of calories in soft foods, I still have the desire to chew something.

Watching TV, reading, watching movies with my husband and sleep (when I can get it).

Good morning all, I have a dog he is a peke with an attitude. I walk several times a day they are short walks but I still keep pushing. I take care of my apartment, one floor so it is pretty easy. I love to bake but of course then I have to eat it. I share with my family. I crochet usually I am an avid reader but my concentration is lousy right now. With fibro if you wait a while it will change again.Sort of New England weather. I love to do crossword puzzles and picture puzzles anything to keep my mind active and The important thing is to keep moving. I do things and then rest for a few minutes and than move on to another chore. This takes me a lot longer to get everything done .What used to be done in a day takes at least a week. Have a nice day all. Lyditra

Movies, films and great TV. I record lots of tv and films, go to the cinema once a week, and occassionally splash out on apple tv if I'm feeling bad.....cheaper than pain meds lol

I love dong my crafts and scrapbooking, it is tiring and my hands ache sometimes but it's worth it.


I think volunteering is the best thing for me. It helps me focus on others and it gives me a reason to get up and out of the house. Most of the groups I volunteer for (i.e. my church, Susan G. Komen & the Salvation Army) are aware of my physical limitations so they know what kinds of things I can and can’t do. I can stuff envelopes, unpack light boxes or help people choose winter coats. I also deal with a bone issue that causes a lot of pain and fragile bones in my left arm so no heavy lifting for me. My other distractions are Facebook, my sweet & spoiled kitty “Pretty Baby,” and my younger niece and nephew and their different events like swim meets, soccer games and band concerts. I don’t know what I’d do without my family. They are learning to understand my issues with Fibromyalgia and depression but most importantly they have always known how much I love being Aunt Judy. :slight_smile:

I use music and painting to distract myself.

Pet, we'd love to see some of your writing, if you're ever willing to share ! (hint hint)

That's great therapy, I'm not creative at all, no matter how hard I've always tried. I just don't have it in me.... I've just started getting into a little jewelry making tho. We'll have to see how that goes.

great post!

Great distractions lyditra! The puzzles are also great to keep fibro fog away!
I don't have dogs, but last year I dog-sat in Florida for a month, and walking him twice a day was wonderful for me! At home here in NY, I only have cats.... they don't walk on a leash so well. I've tried. I do have a pet stroller (yeah, I'm nuts) -- I never think to take them out in that. Thanks for reminding me!

Spending time with my daughter, and my mom is a great distraction, when the three of us are togeather we laugh at everything, kinda like young school girls. You would think the three of us had been drinking we just laugh and laugh, it really does take my mind off the pain and you know what they say laughter is the best medicine. Prob the reason I like to watch a good comedy

Because of the weakness and pain in my hands, I have put aside many of my hobbies. Hopefully I will pick them up again one day. But I have about 4 older women I call to check on. They live alone and appreciate any attention. By the time I get through talking and laughing with them, my pain is less! I go out on the porch, take deep breaths, and marvel at the beauty of nature. It is fall now....wonderful changing leaves! Then I visit with my animals. They seem to know when I'm hurting and just sit close to me for company. If I'm able I bake ...wonderful smells from the kitchen will chase away my pain! I love meaningful music....good inspirational books..biographies..and good movies. If I'm hurting beyond helping myself...I sit under a warm blanket and hope for a better day! I desperately try to get out of myself and reach out to others in worse shape than I. And the last one....enjoy my MEMORIES..of days when I was active, full of ideas and life, painted, sewed, created, quilted, canned, flowers and veg gardens, walked briskly every day, travelled, and had my tables full of ladies laughing and loving life. Those memories are great company and my pain lessens. I am blessed beyond measure!!

God Bless you, Aunt Judy! That's awesome that you volunteer for these great organizations. I think that a lot of us are afraid to admit to others that we do have limitations, and we end up struggling. By informing them up front, it helps them make the accommodations, so you are comfortable to do your work.
Kitty hugs!

Hi aries,
I'm glad you've gotten some positive results with the med changes. I've lost the "want", and I've been trying to find it for a long time. I adjusted meds recently, and I think it may be getting better... time will tell. It's a lousy place to be in.
I do the same thing, I go to research something, see an interesting link, and end up with 30 windows open, forgetting all about what I was doing originally. But you're right, I've learned things that I would never have stopped on before!