What Is the Best Gift You've Ever Received?

The first year I was married, my new husband gave me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas. I was excited, but taken aback.... we are a brand new couple and he's already buying me appliances??? Where are the earrings, necklaces and bracelets? I accepted my new gift and joyfully set it up in the kitchen.

This mixer has been the greatest gift to our entire family. I love to make bread, but I can no longer knead dough by hand....the dough hook does the hard part for me! When my husband killed his first antelope we bought the grinder attachment and the whole family got elbow deep in lope sausage on a Saturday afternoon, which ended with the best batch of biscuits and gravy! My cakes and cookies are mixed with ease. I use it daily, it sits in the proudest position on my counter, and I love it.

Better that the years of sexy jammies that are stuffed away in a bottom drawer.

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but food is this woman's.

How about your best gift?

Cute Colleen, I actually have two and hope you don't mind me sharing. The first is in 1988 my youngest child was born premmie. he weighed only 4lbs6oz and his lungs werent developed.When we were letting the 2 others open their gifts around 7am the Dr. called an my oldestest being 4 answered and the person on the other end said it was Santa and Micheal wanted to come home.... What a great day :) The next was the following Christmas again my 4 yr old, Santa askes Mith what would you like for Santa to bring you for Christmas, He told Santa all me and my sister and baby brother want is for you to please bring back Grandpa.....Not a dry eye in the house. I knew than my son would always love with his full heart. Guess what??? He is 28 and he is so darn lovable I am so lucky.... Merry Christmas

My best gift ever was 18 years ago, he has helped me through everything and I love him with all my heart. Sure he's plush but he is the best, his name is Peace Bear and my Aunt and Uncle bought him for me when I was 3 and I became very attached and he helped me so much with everything! :)

Here he is with my kitten! :)

Awww, that is the sweetest story. What a perfect gift! Kids are such blessings!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sweeeeeeeet! I covet your mixer. I borrow my mother in law’s when I need one. They come in all sorts of colors and I would love the lime green one.

My best gift- a dyson vacuum cleaner.

Oh I haven't seen the lime green ones! I have white, but if I ever upgrade, I would love RED. I collect vintage kitchen utensils that have red handles so it would blend...

Do you love your Dyson? I have been looking at them for two years!

Oh my, yes! I love it. It’s as if I didn’t ever vacuum my carpet before. The first time I used it, I had to empty the canister 10 times and I have a small house. Keep your eye open at Big Lots or SAMs as they sometimes have them. Also, look a reconditioned one as they are cheaper.

How about you just come here and I will let you use my Dyson all you want! Haha! I am sure you could make the same deal with Colleen. I would enjoy the clean floors and I am sure she would enjoy some fresh baked goodies!

The best gift I ever received was this space aged looking stereo when I was a teen. I finally had something grown up to play my Rolling Stones records with! I was just beside myself! I also got a cool white space aged looking alarm/radio clock to go with it. Oh man, those were the days! Only a few knobs to contend with, the warm sound of a needle chugging along in a groove, the fantastic psychedelic art on record covers...

Oh yeah, you're right, that's the greatest gift of all, seeing your long-lost sister and her kids! What a great story. There's nothing like seeing a beloved but absent relative after a long time away.


Vintage red is SO COOL! I had an old style black and white kitchen in my last house, along with a black and white checkerboard floor so I decorated with the retro red look. Nothing elaborate, but a red coffee pot and sauce pan, etc. It was so much FUN!

Awwwwww...yep, what a sweetie he is, huh?

LOLOLOLOL! Yes! Perfect, Thanks so much!

Ahhh, I will! I have a kirby, that I've had since I was 18 (my grandma's old one), it really sucks, lol, I mean seriously, like I could suck the drapes right of the windows, but it weighs about a gazillion pounds. I have not been in a big lots for years (we didn't have one anywhere near us in Wyoming) but we have one close by now. I will have to start haunting that location! Thanks!

I LOVE the black & white look. I like those high top chrome soda shop tables with the red vinyl seats. Red is a good feeling color!

Thant is awesome! What a great gift! I always wanted a sister, but got stuck with a sticky little brother, lol. JK, he's great and I wouldn't trade him for the world!

What an amazing woman your sister must be to take on a whole ball team!!! Colorado is such a beautiful place.

I can't imagine the UPS charge on that thing, lol.

Oh yes, the Lladro pieces are gorgeous. What a thoughtful gift! My daughter and I like to look at the showcase full of them at the mall.

Why were you unable to keep them?

OK Huck Finn.... I have a fence that needs whitewashed too!

That makes me think of that Rosanne episode where she gets the vacuum cleaner salesman to do her whole house & then opts to not purchase the vacuum!

I love vinyl. When my dad passed, I received his collection of 2500! I love them and my kids are AMAZED that music comes from those round plastic things, lol.

My son, he was born Christmas day!