Who is paying for it today?

I must say we had a wonderful Christmas. All our children, our new grand daughter, our niece that we raised along w/her family were here along with my mom. The love that I felt was amazing. I tried hard to keep up with all of them but boy was it hard. My mom and I prep and cooked some on Monday and finished up everything else yesterday morning and about the time I finished the last dish I couldn't go anymore. Sat on the couch and sound asleep I went lol. I did this through out the day, I guess I just over did it. Well I am still in my jammies and hurt everywhere, but i think it was worth it. Now how many days of pain till I fell better, hmmm. I would do it all over again... Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday, Hugs to all, Robin

Hi Robin..I can relate but I felt so loved...and yes today I am in bed..but I will get better again

I too hope everyone had a good Christmas and memories were made

Gentle Hugs


I only cooked for my husband and I but I still hurt everywhere! I took many motrin yesterday and 2 alleve and 1/2 flexril early in the afternoon and the other 1/2 before bedtime. After dinner, we watched "White Christmas" and I started falling asleep before it was 1/2 way through. My husband put away the food and rinsed off the dishes; he told me this morning that this is my day off! It's a good thing too...I'm about to take more motrin and 1/2 of flexril. Gentle hugs to all...Lil Al

Well, I'm sure all the love that you received by preparing a nice Christmas made up for the pain that you got afterwards. I guess we all have to constantly weigh things out. Sounds like it was well worth it for you. What the heck, now you can just pamper yourself alot.

I don't have much family to prepare for, so I get off pretty easy, but even a short visit to someone's house does me in. I recovered pretty quick though. It was worth it.



Hi all well flare up for me had to call into work and not sure if Ill have a job at walmart come the new year but all I have had is issuues from them Been up since 3am wasnt going to work 10am till 5pm the day after christmas no sleep in pain as a cashier at Walmart

Thanks Vicky, good memories were made. I am still in bed but it has been worth it... Hugs Robin

I agree with you. All the prep was worth the pain, but oh, I wish it wasn’t so painful. The look on my granddaughters (2 1/2) was worth every ache. Think my artificial tree will be up till March! But that’s ok, I love the lights and cuddling up with my new heated fleece. Love it!

Awe Lil Al we sure are lucky that our hubby's are understanding and helpful. Mine cleaned up as well and even drove my mom home today about a 4 hour round trip by himself so I could stay in bed. I hope your getting some rest, Hugs Robin

Oh no Ziggy thats terrible. I sure hope you feel better soon, Hugs, Robin

Ally, It sure was worth it. Its not often we all get to be together these days now that the kids are all grown. It was a blessing for me. Hugs , Robin

Oh I am so jealous Sandi, a new heated fleece...I have worn my heating blanket and throw out, time for new ones. I have a new grand baby daughter 8 weeks old. So I can't wait till next year or the next one I know it will be so much fun and worth the pain. Enjoy those lights March isnt to bad lol. Hugs, Robin

That’s the one I have, Angel. It’s wonderful! Think I’m going to go and get another one for work. I can wrap myself up in it and keep it on my chair. My heating pad keeps falling down the back. Think it’s time to treat myself. Robin - the grand babies are what keeps me going. I gave another one coming in June and am so excited. They are the sunshine of my life!

Lot of preparation for hosting 12 family members for Christmas dinner, and driving 3 hrs on Christmas Eve to see my brother ( all worth the pain today ) been resting on heating pad all day , but I’m thinking , as I watch the snow accumulate out my window a heated throw blanket sounds wonderful !!! Didn’t have energy today to do much, except heat up left overs … Yum
Gotta lay off the cut outs…
Merry Christmas
Hugs & blessings for a great 2013

Dee, you deserve the cut outs. I tell myself everytime I have a Christmas cookie that it is a miracle pain pill and make me fill better. Works while I’m eating it! I think we all deserve to lay on a couch with a heated throw eating leftovers. Think that’s the best way to bring in 2013!
Wishing everyone many cookies :slight_smile:

Thanks Angel for the link. It looks like the one I have but mine needs to be traded in for a newer model. Hope you had a great holiday, Hugs, Robin

I Know Dee, It is well worth it. Sounds like you need to trade your heating pad in for a heating throw or blanket. Angel left a link above. Hope you had a terrific holiday, Hugs Robin

Sandi and Angel, I think we (meaning us w/fibro) could become spokes people for any heating blanket or throw maker lol...

Robin, I came home and slept a couple hours. I’ve been in jammies ever since. My boyfriend got sick so I’ve been taking care of him today. He is a good patient.

I have to go to dr tomorrow because I missed today. Yuck. Hope you feel better soon. Does that ever really happen? Hugs.

Tricky, Your boyfriend is a lucky guy he got you... I can't stay awake lol. If I am still for 5 minutes I am zzzzzz. I hope the dr goes well. Hugs, Robin Oh and I don't think we really feel good we try to make ourself think it tho...:)

He knows he’s lucky! But so am I!

I usually fall asleep right away also. Playing a nurse is tough!