What is the broken bones feeling

Last night my ankle was in so much pain-this went on for four hours until I feel asleep. I couldn't put any weight on it or I would scream from the pain with the slightest amount of weight being placed near it.

I couldn't get to the bathroom it was so bad. I felt like I needed crutches and a cast. It definitely felt like it was from the bone by the ankle. And it felt like it was broken/fractured Being new to my diagnosis I didnt rush to the ER because I don't want to make a fool of myself ---luckily it was better this morning when I woke up.

Out of all the different pains I have had from FMS this has never happened I don't know what I would do if I were out in public and not in bed at night when it came on.

Hello, fibromommy!

I have also been having a lot of problems with my ankles lately. It really does feel like they are broken! I have been fortunate that it hasn't felt broken out in public. I also have no idea what I would do if it did. I have been using SalonPas spray on my ankles. It seems to help for a little while, but relief doesn't last as long as I wished it would. Hope you get some relief from your pain.



Hi fibromommy!

I know, I get it too, I have fibro and Psoriatic Arthritis, with joint damage and bone spurs. Besides the normal meds, I find that OTC Sports Cream does a really good job! It helps soothe that broken bone feeling, especially after a hot bath. Do NOT use with heating pad though!


SK is there any pattern?

or precursors

I always try to find a pattern for fear that I am out- if this happened I don't know how I would get to my car let along

drive home

Hi Fibromommy,

I hope it's better now, but I think it still warrants a trip to the ER for x-rays, or a call to your doctor. Each type of break is different, some hurt and some don't - it's always better to be safe !!

Let us know how you're doing -


oh wow I would think once the pain is gone it wasn't broke, I had some of the same pain again last night but not as intense so I was thinking of calling my primary care doc on monday rather then the rheum

Thanks Tammy I think I will get some of this creme today online hope it helps

but I also will watch and see how it feel to monday

okay this morning coming down the stairs I got it on the right foot ankle (outside) .

THe other night it was the inside left ankle- so I am going into have it looked at but I doubt both could be broken.

It took 7 years to get the diagnosis of PsA. It was the second Rheumatologist who diagnosed me, asking if I knew of anyone in my family who had Psoriasis, I said yes all of my grandkids. He asked about parents or grandparents with arthritis, looked at my pitted fingernails, and there was the diagnosis. The third rear end car accident kicked this up, but I was already predisposed genetically. Come to find out my grandmother not only had dry skin, but Psoriasis. I have read that the Psoriasis can occur at anytime in me! I personally can do without that challenge!

It took several years of pain before the joint damage showed on x-rays, I was X-rayed enough to have glowed over the years!

I hope yours is just fibro, that is certainly enough for anyone to handle, but if you have not had x-rays, I highly recommend it! I was also recently diagnosed with Osteopenia, a milder version of Osteoperosis, so be sure to be taking at least 1200 mg of calcium citrate for bone health, any larger should be Dr approved. This is the dose my Rheumatologist insisted on!


I definitely recommend that you stash a folding cane in your purse. I've had the exact same thing happen out of the blue in my knee and my cane saved the day. One weekend, while I was all alone in my house with 10 stairs for the exit, my knee did this for the entire weekend! Again, I used my cane to hobble around the house. They make some really cute ones that look more like an accessory than a medical product: http://forum.livingwithfibro.org/forum/topics/fancy-canes-that-look-l... or you can look up: "Fancy canes that look like an accessory, not a medical device."

I put together that page and devoted it to some nice looking canes for people who need them. I also added some canes in later posts, so you can see them by scrolling down a bit. Some of them are quite gorgeous! Feel free to take a look if you wish. You shouldn't have to worry about falling in public, as the results could be quite serious. That's why I suggest a cane. They really are lifesavers and the new ones are so cute!

As for the broken bone feeling, my knees and upper thighs usually feel like something is crushing them, like they're in a vice grip that's ever tightening. But when the really bad episodes happen where I can't even walk because I can't put any weight on the joint, it feels like the devil came along and stuck his boiling hot pitchfork straight into the tenderpoint of my knee and left it in to slowly roast my knee.

thanks I can try

to use the cane when I have the hand

Tigerbalm is good stuff, fibromommy! I've never tried it on my fibro but I sometimes put it on my temples when I have a rotten tension headache. It's kind of hot/burning, so keep it away from eyes and nostrils. It's also quite soothing. Even if it doesn't work for your fibro, it's good for aches and pains.

I called the dr today and they sent me to call my rheumatologist

about the pain.

My daughter uses a wheelchair on and off so I have to push her no matter what - some days

that I am sure of would be a bad thing when My ankles have this pain


Have you tried the SalonPas pads? I put several of them on the offending area for hours and the pain gradually gets better.

Hey Pet, I know this pressure pain, that is located where I have the stenosis, and some is referred pain from the SI joints! Crushing pain! Like a house is sitting on my Sacrum!

I got a new pain this morning, in my right heel! Thought it was my old shoes, the expensive combat sneakers I wear, I check them often to see if they have worn to one side, but that is not it, after the third pair of shoes, I realized it was my body. I sprayed that sucker and it stopped thumping, probably a bone spur. Another one, now there's a topic, my Chiro explained how they form, why they form!

The hot poker pain I have in my neck where discs have collapsed, have stenosis in several areas and the neck is very unstable! Just great news, ya know? My Mom asked me why I always try to pull through park in a lot, I told her so I don't have to break my neck to see, I just pull out, rather than back out! Gotta get smarter, or you're just DONE!

BTW, I have torn/ruptured both of my Achilles Tendons, finding out later it was from taking the antibiotic Leviquin, was in casts for months, foot outstretched and pointed, I dug out a waitress/carpenter apron with pockets, carried my stuff in that and went down the stairs on my behind! It works if that is all you can do! What a site I was! It took me forever to navigate on crutches with my foot pointed, my entire body was screwed up from that for a long time, cannot tell you the times I fell, usually flat on my back! Just a mess! One of my lasting nick names is 'Grace'! ha!

Hope you are well my friend, BTW, you have an important message from me!

Love and hugs,


Hey Sk

I have cerival stenosisand DDD is yours cervical or spinal steonis or both

Oh honey, no wonder you're in intractable pain, for me, it's cervical and lumbar stenosis, DDD, DFD, Psoriatic Arthritis, the Spondylitis type, which means that even though it attacks every cell of your body, it hits the spine with a vengeance!

Thank God you are getting sent to a Rheumatologist! Mine saved me! He put me on Enbrel to slow down this disease! And as much as all the wonderful care and all the good meds help me, I suffer like hell!

Get all of the answers you can get. First fine out what KIND of arthritis this is! Then hopefully it can be successfully treated! So glad you're going to a Rheum, I always think they are our very best hope, if for nothing else to make sure of what we DON"T have!

Please keep us in the loop, click my photo, read my profile, you'll see I understand, fibromommy!

Sending you lots of love,


Do you have a family history of crippling arthritis? It's passed on genetically, you know! I have a much loved cousin who got a heavy dose too, come to find out, we go to the same Rheumatologist. He told me that Psoriatic Arthritis was the main disease in this area. Makes you wonder, huh?

We need to stay in touch with each other, we have much to share, and much to learn from each other!

Hello and howdy SK!

Let me send you a letter through email, for expedience sake. And I saw the important message but couldn't find the link! So I tried to find postings to refer back to, in order to find her...no luck so far!

Await an email, please!




Ooh, that's a tough one! I know they make cane holders that can snap onto wheel chairs so you can bring the cane along with the wheelchair. But I would think it would be next to impossible to push the wheelchair and also use the cane.

Maybe these might help you a bit: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-pack-assured-ankle-support-brace-twin-/300917984182?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item46101c0bb6 . I like this type because they're comfy to wear. Here are some heavier duty ones: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SHOCK-DOCTOR-847-ANKLE-STABILIZER-BRACE-FLEX-SUPPORT-STAYS-LEVEL-2-SUPPORT-/270996799047?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item3f18aafe47. I've never tried this kind, so don't know how they feel on your foot. The first ones, the blue pair, have kept my ankles up when I had to run up and down a million stairs for my job. I don't know if they'd do much under the "broken bone" pain, however.