WHAT is this NOISE?

I am really confused...I started hearing this beeping noise on this site. I don't see any windows popping up or anything. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I never heard this before - it's a rapid 2 tone pitches from F to C. It's driving me crazy!

I just heard something like that but it stopped. I thought it was something outside in the neighborhood. Did you get an alert on your internet security system. I just did and am running a scan.

No, I found nothing. I scrolled the webpage up and down and there's nothing...

Try shutting down your computer and restarting. See if that helps.

Thank you - I didn't do anything and the noise stopped for now. It's been going on for a few days now. It's really strange. Could I have a virus on my computer?

I never heard of a noise being a virus. If your computer is running ok, nothing strange. Not sure what it could be. I found some info on the net saying it could be overheating problem. Call the manufacturer of the computer and ask what it might be. This blog was talking about beeping


Also read that fan could be dirty/dusty inside the computer, that would make it overheat and might beep. Or some kind of memory RAM problem. If so, you could clean out old files like with a disc cleanup tool on computer. I'm not a pc geek so I usually google and call the company if I have to. Just some ideas.

when people r chatting in the chat room it will beep each time they leave a message. next time you hear it check the main room and see if people r talking.

And it produces a rapid two tones as well. I think you solved it, Stephanie! Good detective skills!

I thought it was a chat noise but I was not logged on for a chat and I didn't see any window popping up. I thought the chat window popped up automatically on the lower right side. It's so strange since never heard this noise before since I joined this group a while ago.

I keep my sound on because I listen to music a lot online. I would just hate switching back and forth...

Thank you everyone, for trying to figure this strange phenomenon! Strangely, I haven't heard it since you all started to reply!

Thank you for the info! I didn't know the dirt inside the computer can cause beeping. It's good to know all the possibilities. However, this beep came only when I was logged on to this site, so it's not my computer.

You dont have to be logged on for a chat to get the tones. And the windows don't pop up. If you hear the noise again, go to chat and see if anyone is on, then see if the noise occurs when they post a new chat message.

It's the chatroom. You get an alert when someone posts a comment unless you sign out of the chatroom. Everyone who is browsing the site is automatically also in the chatroom. In the lower right corner is a little box that says "members online". If you click the tiny dear looking circle, right beside it you'll see "connected to chat". If you click those words you will be disconnected and won't get an alert for every message. the box doesn't pop up when a message is posted. It could also be someone trying to get your attention in a private chat if you are already in chat and don't see a message posted.


Thanks! You know what, I could not see the little box on the bottom right because I have a facebook tool bar hiding it!!! Even when I shrink this toolbar, it hides most of the chat box, so I can't get to it! The noise did sound like a chat message sound and it just went on for a few days and it disappeared completely. I didn't know that I was automatically signed on for chat. I almost thought my computer was possessed!! Now the mystery has been solved... :)

You're welcome. Most don't know they are automatically also in chat.

I've never seen anyone on Chat for several months, so I didn't think it was that!

How are you doing, Sheila? Have you been able to manage your pain lately? I've been in more pain since I got some cold virus and sinusitis about a month ago. The sinusitis with ear congestion definitely triggered my TN pain. Does your TN get triggered by sinusitis or even the weather changes?

I'm glad you mentioned minimizing that stupid Facebook bar because I've now done it and can see the chat icons a bit clearer. Thanks, FibroChou.

TY for asking FibroChou.. D-Ribose has cut all my fibro symptoms in half, but when we got 2 feet of snow in 1 night last week, everything with my other health problems flared up. I sure hope it was only due to the fast weather change and hope it won't be like this for 8 months of winter. Could always be worse. I am reminded of how good my life is when I talk to someone from a third world country, and now even when I talk to someone whose homes became unliveable from Hurricane Sandy. I still have the tail end of a flu bug too, and some family crisis, but such is life. I'm sure your sinusitis DID make your trigeminal neuralgia awful. Yes weather changes, even hurricane Sandy's barometric pressure from hundreds of miles away, and yes sinusitis and any flu or infection makes it worse. I'm sorry you've been worse. hang in there.

I am so sorry you got 2 feet of snow!! YUCK! I hated snow so bad as child i would cry because our cabin was colder in it than it was outside. My parents actually let me wait in the car...was one of few times they let me get out of having to do what other kids did.

So what did i do...moved to snow country! Not as bad as Tahoe but when i had to snow plow or shovel it by myself..well just put it this way. I every year ended up getting snowed in because i just could not do it. It makes me so sick..between the cold and physical work just too much.

Soo when i hear someone already getting snow..boy my heart goes out to you! I sincerely hope you have help shoveling or snowplowing it! plus i hope you are feeling better as i see you have been sick..and hope family crisis has improved. They can be worse than the flu at times! So wish you well!