What medications help you the best?

Hello. I am wondering what medications some of you recommend for fibromyalgia. I currently take Celexa for depression and Norco for the pain. I am going to the doctor Friday to renew my scripts and am thinking of asking for some kind of stress/muscle relaxer. My pain seems the worst when I am stressed and tense, which is most of the time, and I do not sleep well. My rhumetologist has recommended Cymbalta but reviews I’ve read for it are not good. What medications work the best for you? Any advice?

Hi Melyn

Everyone is different and meds effect us all differently. I did very well on cymbalta but had to stop it because of a lupus complication. I think talking it over with your doctor is a good ideal. Sleep is very important and i had a sleep study done and have rest less leg symdrome once i started meds for that my sleep got better. Let us no what the doctor says.

hi melyn, i agree with what purple said about how we are all different and react differently to meds. unfortunately it is not a really 'one size fits all' deal.. i hope get a good fit and will get some relief from symptoms.. all the best from me to you and of course HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


I was on Cymbalta for awhile I didnt like it I take Lyric now its does goo but lots of money. My muscle relaxers does the best for me.

Thanks for your advice everyone. My family doctor is not very familiar with fibromyalgia so together we are trying to research what meds I should try. She was hoping one of the other specialists she sent me to would prescribe my medication. Instead they advised HER to prescribe me something for chronic pain and anxiety/depression. One did suggest Cymbalta. I think she gets more frustrated with these specialists than I do. Lol.

I know it is so different for everyone. That’s one if the hardest parts I think. And I know there isn’t much out there designed to help us. :frowning: We will figure it out. I do think the more I can relax, the better my symptoms will be. I’ll let you know what we decide.
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I know that pain killers work for me alot and muscle relaxers valum and anti depressants and mood stabilizers help cause I have bio polar too…

I went to my appointment today and we decided to continue the Norco for daily pain and Trazodine at night for sleeping. Looking toward to seeing how this works. Thanks again for your help and advice.
Have a great weekend everyone!