What the h*** does that say?!?

I am so angry. I got a copy of my records from my rheumy today in preparation for my trip to the doc in Birmingham and as I was looking them over, I noticed that he wrote in there that my husband intimated that the car accident I had in 1997 was a result of a suicide attempt when I specifically told him that it was a result of a syncopal episode. I didn’t even know my husband in 1997 and I have never told anyone that it was a suicide attempt. There was also other wording in his narrative that veered towards an inference that this is all in my head- the word psychosomatic was used several times and he also said a couple of times that this would be best treated by a psychiatrist and counseling. This is from the one doc in this area who treats fibro.

I am so tired of these docs who hear that you have a history of depression and they automatically assume that: 1) you are still depressed, 2)that you are unstable, and that 3) you are unintelligent. I am so angry I can barely see straight. My hubby says don’t worry about it but I want it off my chart. I almost called his office and left a blistering message but cooler heads prevailed. I don’t get angry very often but, seriously?!?

Our society, including medical professionals who should know better, has a long way to go in their perception of what depression is and the people (all races, sexes, ages, etc) who have it. It makes me ill to once again get slapped in the face by a supposedly educated person with such a misperception of depression and FM. Anyone who has fibro and does not have some depression and/or anxiety is a super person. I want to start leaving that little tidbit off my medical history when I report it but I think the docs should have my total history. What should I do? A letter to the doc or leave it alone?

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and of being treated like a crazy person.

My condolences to you. What a slap in the face, as you say.

You definitely need to use your cool head on this matter because if you get angry, the rheumy will then assume his assessment is right, fair or not. I think it's fair to write or call and say you saw the chart and noticed some errors in your medical history that could affect your future medical care. You could even say that you understand how there was miscommunication in hearing the word "syncopal" and mistaking it for "suicidal". Then list the errors without any heat. I notice people listen better when you don't get angry, even if you are FUMING inside.

In my opinion, time for a new rheumy, even if it means a hike to get there. This one sounds like a real clunker to me.

You need to put your request in writing to remove the errors that were made. Sometimes the transcriptionists can't undersannd the doctor's voice or handwriting and they make some major errors. I always request copies of doctor's notes for that reason. I want to know what they say about me.

I would call the office too and voice your concerns to the office manager! Make them remove that from the record and get a corrected copy. You can fax them a letter stating the errors and email them that way you have proof that you complained about the errors. It is criminal how we always have to be defending ourselves to these doctors. So sorry you have to further aggravated by this ignorant doctor.

so very sorry about this. i dont think i have ever looked at my records. i am glad u did because wether is was a mistake by the dr or not the errors need to b cleared up so u can recieve the proper care. also make sure u have copies of whatever u send to the dr. u can even mail a letter and make sure u get a reciept back making sure it was signed for that way u know the office got it. u dont need them telling u they never recieved anything.

i hope u can get this cleared up with out any problems.

Thank you al for the great advice. I don’t get mad easily but when I do, watch out! It is utterly ridiculous that I even have to go through this on top of everything else. Think i willwritetheletter and have my therapist look at it before I send it. Always good to have a second set of eyes.

I will be all sweetness and light, as I ALWAYS am :slight_smile: and I am sure that will get me farther. In the meantime, I am on the hunt for a new rheumy.

I would follow through with having the records changed so it does not influence other doctors if referred to in the future. However, I would also change docs as I doubt the trust will ever be repaired sufficiently. As you look for a new doc do a search on someone who specializes in Fibromyalgia specifically.

But remember they are YOUR medical records. You have a right to request copies at any time from any doctor. (They do also have the right to charge you for making those copies, though not all do.)

Oh god yes, I have the same problm all the time, inluding now and the last four years of trying to get better pain meds. I am depressed because I am in fricking pain and I can't sleep, NOT any other combination! Winds you up doesn't it. I have been thinking of getting my doctors notes and all my medical history too and I know that I will see a lot of crap that will make me angry too. I need painkillers not psychotherapy! Well I need both now they have left me to suffer so bad for over four years. I'd love to see these doctors do any better. I would write a letter to the doctor and let it all out. They're your notes and future as well as your hisory. You are not a crazy person at all. It's the ones with the prescription pads that need their heads looking at. Grrrrrrrrrrrr...

Yeah, all the “gods” with the MD behind their name sure can make things difficult for us lowly humans!

Thanks for the prayers. I don’t understand how this is a “recognized” syndrome and yet very few docs take it seriously. I can not tell you how many times docs have looked at me and just said, I don’t know and did no more. They put me in the hospital for five days in March and did all these tests and my discharge summary basically said it was all in my head. What happened to docs that want to help their patients and not just throw meds at them? I am also at a disadvantage because the docs, especially specialists, are few and far between in Dothan, Alabama. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! And I am ready for some cooler weather. I used to love the heat but no more.

Does PT help you? I was thinking about asking for it but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money I don’t have if all they are going to do is have me exercise in front of them. I can do the same thing at home when I am able. And yes, all the docs say to exercise and you will get better. Wish they could live my life for one day.

Prayers back to you. Have a great day.

I heard that! And I wish there was some way to make them more accountable to patients because I am hearing a lot of,the same thing over and over from you and others. I am sure the VA is a major pain but it is nice to have the resource. My experience with the VA (through former clients) is that they just want to get you inn and,out as quickly as possible and that the docs aren’t usually the best.

Why do they make you see the psych doc 1-2 times a week, if you don’t mind me asking? That seems like a lot. I am sorry you had to go through so much to get a diagnosis. It only took me about a year since I got really bad.

The docs that are skeptical really need to go through one day experiencing the same thing we experience and they will change their minds. My husband said to me once “… Because you choose to lay in bed all day…” I almost killed him. I told him no one would ever choose this. It is one thing to fake sick to get out of a day’s work but no one would choose this.

I think I will pass on the PT. I can exercise at home to my pace and skip it if I feel really bad. Plus it costs money that I don’t have. Hopefully, in a year or two, I will get disability. I just applied a couple of months ago.

I vote for spring all year! It is my favorite time of the year. Better yet, i vote to move to St. Croix to live with my sis- 68 degrees is a cold snap for them but it never gets too hot there. And there are plenty of beaches where I can go do my water exercises.

Have a great night. I hope you get some rest.

Good idea about writing a letter for my file. I will do that tomorrow.

I had a similar experience to yours re: docs and weird bruises. I woke up one morning with a black eye and a black and blue mark on the side of my face. My trash can from th bathroom was in pieces next to the bed and my dog was, uncharacteristically, cowering on the floor beside the bed and watching me. The muscles in my legs and arms hurt so bad and I could barely walk. Went to the doc and she kept asking me who I was dating and who I lived with. I hadn’t been on a date in months and lived alone except my 15 pound poodle. I asked if I could have had a seizure and she said she didn’t think so (I had had one a few months before that was witnessed but no cause was ever found.) I got my records from them when I had to change docs and she repeatedly said that she thought it was DA and that I denied it. I laughed about it at the time and thought, whatever. but there is a lot more at stake now.

I am thinking that docs should listen to us because we know our bodies best and we are the ones who live in them and know when something is not right.

I totally empathize. I was in the psych ward for a few days because of a really awful panic attack and they threw the words 'psychosomatic' and 'schizophrenoform disorder' around like candy. My mom also thinks it's all in my head. My mom is still pretty sure it's in my head too.

My chiropractor recently told me that i just need to hire a personal trainer for 90 days and exercise really hard. I told him that if he can get me three months paid vacation from work, a vicodin prescription for the pain i'll be in, and pay for the personal trainer, I'll give it a shot.

people really don't understand that it's not that we're lazy, it's that it *hurts so fucking much* we literally can't push through it.

When he hires the personal trainer, gives you the vacation ,etc, tell him you know someone else who needs one too. I don’t think a personal trainer is the answer. I push myself harder than anyone else could ever push me and it just doesn’t matter. This is my third day without exercising because I just can’t and I have tried. When you almost fall because you are so weak and tired, no fecking personal trainer will help and no meds will help. I feel a bit stronger today and will try to take my walk again in the morning.

I get so tired of people telling me I will feel better if I just exercise. Well, I try and try and do the best I can. I usually only try to exercise when I am alone because I don’t want anyone else to see me try and fail. It is hard enough for me when I fail without someone witnessing it also. I am so not used to failing- have always been able to do what I set out to do- so it is humiliating to me to feel and move like an old woman. Mind over matter my a**!


I am sorry to hear all that you have had to go through. I am glad that your husband is a good advocate- it is nice to have someone in your corner. My husband means well most of the time but when he goes to the doc with me, he often does not know what he is talking about and I wish he would just shut up! LOL but then, I am sure that he wishes I would shut up a lot of times too.

I hope your docs have you on good meds that help control your PTSD, etc. I have PTSD and sometimes lately feel psychotic due to all the crap happening to my body, but I know also through my work that mental illness is very tough to handle as a patient and as a patients family. Sounds like you have a good doc and husband and hopefully other family around to help.

I hope you get your disability. I have a lawyer, who is a friend too, handling mine but I am doing most of the paperwork so she just has to put the final touches on it for me. I figured having a lawyers name on it would make it easier.

Just curious about Canada- you really can’t go back?

Have a great evening. Did y’all get any rain up there?