What would you do to comfort a sick friend?

"What would you do to comfort a sick friend?"

Aside from the usual bouquet of flowers and basket of fruits, I'd like to hear your suggestions, especially from patients, as you would know from your end what cheers up a sick person.

I will be compiling the answers on a future write-up.

A sort of what would "do unto others as you would have them do to you" affair. :-)

I would invite him/her to go for a walk. We all know its good for us, but so difficult to get out and do it. I find when someone brings it up and offers to go with me it is much easier to do.

Offer to help out, even the smallest bit of help means a lot. Something as simple as cleaning a bathroom or folding a basket of laundry can be huge.

Talk with them about something else. Sometimes it feels like people see me as a diagnosis not a person. Everyone has their friend or family member that also has Fibro, all of a sudden they are experts on diet change, meds, or a website, and thats all there is to talk about. Most of the time I want to forget about it as much as I can!

Be a good active listener and don’t try to fix it - unless you are asked to help fix a problem. Learn to let the person “dump” what is on his or her mind and look for opportunities to add some sunshine into your sick friend’s life. Sometimes it’s watching a movie, taking your friend shopping, or whatever your friend would like to do to break the routine. Be sensitive to your friend’s energy level and don’t overstay your welcome. The last thing you want to do is trigger a relapse or set back!

Of course, be mentally strong enough to face illness and unpleasant things that go along with being sick! And it’s okay for you to be authentic - sometimes that means crying… Or giving lots of hugs! Keep it real! And follow up as often as you can - so many times family and friends don’t know what to do so they stop trying and that is so isolating and hurtful. (you would be amazed who your real friends are… Sometimes it is the friend or neighbor who you barely know)

very insightful sunflower! thank you.

yes, those house chores can be a burden for the sick. thanks natalie!

If my sick friend happens to be in the hospital, I make up a basket for her/him: gum, candy (if they are in there for diet reasons then its sugar free items) an activity book like word find or suduko (what ever i think they would like) a few of those Rag Mags form the checkout line. Or if i know they have a fav one to read i would get that one. Small spiral for note takeing when the dr comes and a few pens/pincles. walking socks, house shoes, lotion, and my Time to sit with them for a few hours and if they need help with anything while im there then i help get it done.

If they are at home then I come by get the dishes, clothes done. Ask if they need the bed changed. Vac is needed. Take care of their pets. Cook them supper, make sure they are confortable, ask if they need anything done or if they want to go out and get some fresh air. Sometimes sitting in the sun for a little whlie will make u feel better.

Now if i am able to get all that done it would put me in bed for 2 days but during those 2 days I call them to check on them to see how they are doing and i usually don't let on that im in pain and not able to get up.