When you wake up each morning, do you feel like you have been beaten?

This is how I feel every morning. Every single morning going on 3 years now. I have not had 1 break, not a 1. I can barely get out of bed unti I take my pain medicine.

I am wondering if y'all feel the same way? I have never been in a fight before or anything of that nature, but each morning this is how I feel. As though I have been run over or got in a fight and got my you know what kicked (but all over my body).

It is so hard to start each day like this. It takes alot of self talk to actually get out of the bed, and do it all over again. I used to just wake up and automatically cry and was in disbelief that this is what my life had come to.

I have a feeling I am not the only one who wakes up like this. I hope to hear from y'all to see how it is for you in the morning. I would say out of the entire day...morning is the absolute worst.

I think we are such strong individuals. I used to not think this way. I used to think I was the weakest person in the world. I will tell you, that anyone that can endure this day in and day out is a superstar in my book. It takes great strength. I don't know anyone here, I am new...but I admire each and everyone of you for surviving through this chronic illness.

I told my husband just the other day, it seems like everyday is groundshogs day.

Gentle hugs to all. (((HUGS)))

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Yes I agree mornings are the worst. For me its my ankles and the bottoms of my feet. I always tell my husband it feels like someone beat the bottom of my feet with a baseball bat.

I actually feel better at night. I also find I sleep better during the day but this puts me backwards with the rest of the world.

I wonder why mornings are worse?

Hugs to you, Tina

Hugs to you too Tina! My worst symptom in the mornings is my hands. They feel like they are on fire. The rest of my body just feel stiff. I feel like the tin man if he had feelings. Well I guess he did end up having them. ;)

Sorry your ankles and bottoms of feet hurt so bad!!!

Sending you a hug!!!


You sound just like me ! Mornings are horrible, I open my eyes and feel like I have been run over by a train, it hurts to move, sometimes as my feet touch the floor , they feel as if I have been walking all night in high, high, shoes. My back feels like it was beat with a bat, my elbows feel like they were hit with a hammer, it helps to stretch for 5-10 min before getting out of bed . And certainly if I did to much the day before its always worse. Somedays I can’t do a thing, other day ( always have to push myself) I can feel a bit better after I get some meds on board. It stinks living like this, I’m learning how to deal, usually can only do one scheduled thing in a day, ex if I have a dr. Apt I won’t schedule to do my grocery shopping.
Welcome to the group, you will find a lot of discussions very helpful
Hugs & blessings

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Oh, believe me, as soon as the weather turns a little colder, I feel just like you do! Like semi trucks had a convoy over my back all night long. UGH! And I hate having to try and get up and out of bed when I feel like this. It's awful to wonder whether or not you're really gonna be able to get up and off the bed...or not.

Maybe you could leave your bottle of pain meds by the bed and a glass of water so you can take them and then get up in a half hour or so.

I'm really sorry that you've gone this for 3 years straight without a break. The disbelief, yup, I hear ya on it. And I'm so sorry that it's left you crying every morning. What an awful way to spend the past 3 years.

But yes, I DO think it makes us stronger. It's impossible to be weak and deal with this. You need to mentally toughen up in order to get through it, and we do. So be proud of yourself, FibroFriend. You aren't a weak person. You've come this far. You're a survivor. You'll make it. Fibro won't crush you.

It must be darned hard to want to get up on your feet when they feel like that. I'd no idea that feet could have the same feeling as my back. It's weird that the pain feels like we've been beaten.

I sleep better during the day too. I don't have the awful pain then. And I awaken more refreshed. Night sleep is less satisfying.

Yeah, I've said I've felt like the tin man too. Missing the oil, of course, so that I'm stiff and squeaky.

I'd hate to wake up feeling like a part of me was on fire, as your hands feel. That must be utterly miserable. I just don't get how fibro gives some of us hands on fire, while others backs that feel beaten up, while others with feet that feel beaten. Why so many varieties when it's the pain signals that are out of whack?

Oh no, you are definitely not the only one who feels that way. I have had fibromyalgia for so many years now. I was diagnosed in November of 1987, but the more I learn about it the more I realise that it started in my teen years and that's a long time ago.

Right now what bothers me the most is getting up from a chair. That is painful on my knees and my hips and it takes me a minute to get my balance before I can walk.

Have any of you experienced balance issues? I am the last few years so I now use my cane whenever I leave the house.

So, you're in good company. There just doesn't seem to be any way of getting away from fibromyalgia and how it negatively impacts our bodies. We just try to make the best of it. On the really bad days I don't leave the house.

Gentle hugs


I always feel like a herd of horses ran me over. Morning, especially after a sleep day are the worst. Mondays seem to be my sleep day. I guess its from the week end trying to keep going and get stuff done with lori's help. I want to do stuff during the week, but just cant find the energy or will to do it.

Rachel, yes, I have balance issues. I'm always falling down, tripping, slipping, etc. I hope to never be asked to walk a straight line by the police because I can't! Do you fall down and such as well?

A herd of horses...wild horses...with iron hooves...kicking into our backs and bodies. And I'm also back to getting leg cramps again, ugh. Everything in my body just seems like an ill fit.


Yes, you definitely summed it up for me too and probably everyone on this site. I describe it as waking up with the worst flu, sun burn, hang over and been beaten close to death. The groundhog day is exactly how I describe it to others too. It's awful the first year waking up thinking you're normal then within seconds realising that I am actually going to feel like crap for the rest of my life. It is so depressing isn't it but like you said we are strong and we will get through each and every day the best we can.

It really does suck and it takes a long time to convince ourselves to get out of bed each day. I know I feel a bit better a couple of hours after getting up and kicking myself up the backside, or the other way round. I have to tell myself this every morning and its taken years to believe myself that I will be "ok" later. When I work I used dangerous power tools and just driving isn't too safe at times but I have to prove to myself that I can get through this "beating" every morning. I use the Nike logo every day to get up or do anything that is a struggle - "Just Do It". If I get what I need to do done and I'm whacked out I treat myself to a choccy bar and a couple hours sleep in the afternoon.

Well done you for getting through each day too! We are strong!



Yes, I have balance issues Rachel. Omg I look like a professional drinker when I do. I am so dizzy and faint quite a lot too. Some days I can't take medication because it makes it worse.

Lol Petunia, I hope the police don't ask me either, especially if they pull me over in my car. Most people just joke about it and say I'm stoned. Hahaha. I'm ok sitting but the getting up and walking is a whole different show.

Petunia, I have fallen in my house. I can trip going upstairs. But I have not fallen publicly and I don't want that to happen. I can't walk a straight line either.

That's why I have started using my cane when I am outside my home. I have also used the cane sometimes inside the house, but it's a nuisance in the house because I need both my hands to carry things.......specially up and down the stairs. So, when I am going down the stairs I lean on the wall and count the steps.

I do that as well Rachel, lean into the wall when going up/down/stairs and lean up the stairs so when I do lose it, I fall up instead of down.

I have balance problems also. Some days are worse than others. I use a cane when I am away from the house and depending on the day sometimes a rolling walker. Depends on how much walking I will be doing. Trips to walmart suck. Just to much to walk. I am to the point of hating shopping days. It gets me out of the house, but it really takes it out of me. Its been awhile since I fell, but seem to do it when having a bad back and fibro day. I need to have my right knee fixed, the acl is blown again, looking at having it done in the spring. Not looking forward to it due to the increse of pain.

I am the same, stiff and bottom of my feet hurt. Feel like this till I take my tramadol and do some light exercise. I have also noticed my resting heart rate in the mornings is high usually around 87 which is strange cos I am not over weight and I try to stay as fit as I can with this condition.

Every single day! There are degrees of pain, but always pain! Each and every one of us could have written this, without a doubt. The stiffness of lying still is what brings me the most pain, that, bending and riding in a car.

I am usually much better in the summer, there was no 'much' and not a whole lot of better either! I must include that my arthritis is the cause of much of this, but the worse the arthritis is, the worse the fibro is!

Totally agree, SK! Since the weather has changed, I feel like I've been kicked in the back and knees all day long, not just in the night, although it's worse then. I can't believe how much difference the weather makes! And even though it hit almost 70 today, I'm still suffering from the after effects of the 40 degree weather outside during some of the past nights.

I'm sorry you're feeling it too, SK. Esp. since you have so much arthritis going on. It's awful that you have the fibro to compound and echo the arthritis pain. That's the kicker - you have one serious, painful illness and then another one which amplifies the pain. I'm not sure how you do it. It's a crime to have both illnesses together - plus the other ones as well.

Stay well, Miss SK. For you and the great-grandkid. Also, you're doing such a wonderful job on here, despite everything.

Well thank all of y'all for helping me feel not so alone to put it in short terms. I don't wish this pain on anyone, but it is certainly a better feeling knowing others feel this same way. Sheesh, it is hard...but I will tell you we are Warriors! Some days the level of pain settles a bit, I mean a tiny bit. I do not wake up and cry anymore. I am now waking up and telling myself it is time to conquer another day. Time to try with everything in my being to perservere through it and try not to miss the little beauties througout the day. And not to take the things I can do for granted.

Hugs to everyone!!! :)