Wheres your HAPPY Place?

So, a lot of us hang around here during the day discussing this horrible affliction. And sometimes I find myself getting a little more blah so, I think about trips I want to take or food that makes me happy and I then I thought I wonder what other people on the board do. So here we are. Where’s your happy place? Okay so now that I reread that statement…we are all adults here, but let’s keep it at least somewhat PG! Let’s make eachother smile…

Mine are

Birthday cake Oreos. Omg if you haven’t tried these. You have to!! I’m going need an anti depressent when they quit selling these.

Filet Minon omg yummo! I can’t eat fatty meats but I sure can put away a nice lean filet!

I want to travel from London to Greece by backpack. I want to do it for like 3mo!

Anyways, lets smile today

Gentle Hugs!

Punkin what a great idea to help get some out of the day time blahs!!!

food: anything pasta!!! I could live on pasta for life I think!!

Places: my goal is to see all fifty states before I die. This is most likely attainable since my brother is in the air force and we get to vacation visiting him and his family!!

Hope everybody has a wonderful day!!

Gentle Hugs!


Thanks Ducky! Those were great! And we get to learn something a little more about everyone that we dont already know! And to not talk about “that, that shall not be named here!” Also, it doesn’t have to be those I named. Just anything that makes you HAPPY!

Tee hee

Hi Punkin,

my "happy place" is watching a movie or good TV. I love getting set up on the sofa, I surround my self with everything I need.... TV remote control, A/C control, iphone, ipad, house phone, tissues, biscuits, chocolate, water, blanket etc. I have no need to get up for anything. I look through apple tv or something I've recorded and relax for a couple of blissful hours. My fav tv is Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, True Blood, Hart of Dixie, Bun Heads....the list goes on. I love romantic comedies and old movies. I have bad reactions to most strong medications so distraction is my drug. xoxo

Ok, get ready for the long haul. LOL

I want to travel to all the beautiful and exotic beaches in the world. My dream is to stay in one those hotels on the water with a glass floor like they have in Tahiti. Anywhere there is water, I am happy.

I want to try all different kinds of food, like baklava in Greece, and also to indulge in my favorites. Anything made with sweet potatoes- fries, souffle, baked…

Eggs Benedict for breakfast every morning, with maybe a day of cheese grits mixed in. Ribeye steak for dinner every night. Some yummy fish or seafood for lunch. And, of course, I would never gain a pound! Oh yeah, forgot about peanut butter. Anything with peanut butter, especially when paired with chocolate.

In my daydreams, I wear beautiful clothes and all my wrinkles are gone. I meet fabulous, interesting people and talk about everything. I volunteer a lot of my time to kids in bad home situations, especially those in foster care. I help abused women start new lives. And of course, when the day comes, I spoil my grandchildren rotten. And my nieces, nephews and their children for that matter.

But back to reality. I surround myself with everything I need as I lay in bed daydreaming. I have my iPad, Netflix, snacks, something to drink, my sweet Sassy cuddling me, my sweet Tulip on the pillow next to me, and lots of comfy pillows. I watch my shows- right now I am watching Army Wives- and I shut out the pain and fatigue with my fantasies. And I pray that something or someone will come along to help me feel better. And that there will be no more doctors, hospitals and tests.

Punkin, I would love to return to Europe and go to those ancient towns far above the sea where you have to climb up a million stone stairs to get a breath-taking view... and I want the ability to do it and not feel horrible afterwards. I want to be a novelist over there, pondering over all of the architecture and food and local customs and the people.

Alas,my happy place at home is on the couch, with my computer and doggies.

Your last question is a tough one. I sure wish I could think of anything! But I've been going thru 2 weeks of sheer exhaustion, where getting up is as much energy as I can muster.

Something nice and fall-y, definitely. Rake a very small pile of leaves and then jump in them repeatedly. God, that sounds fabulous! Or how about this? Sit outside in the fall and draw something, if you're artistic. Have a nice, locally grown apple by your side or some hot apple cider. Mmmmm...

Or if you're up for it, plant some mums in a small pot and watch them blossom as the fall progresses.

Get a good book, and sit under a tree that's in its fall beauty and read.

Don't know if any of these ideas would work for you but they're things I could see still doing, so hope they help.

Ahhh Places. . . .in some amazing nature filled place, where it's quiet, lots of trees, lots of animals, I can hear the water flowing in the rivers, the birds chirping, the leaves hugging each other. I can feel the sun peek through the trees every so often but just enough to make me smile, nothing too hot where the sun is unbearable. I see a cabin, no tv's just a fireplace, a book shelf with tons of books, my ipod (I cannot live without music) a blanket or two and coffee and tea. I see the sun rise and set from my porch. . .I'm alone, I'm happy, I'm at peace and there is no pain. That's my happy place

Lolol, I hate being dressed. Sorry for the mental but because I spend a lot of time in bed I lay in bed in the birthday suit. I’ll get up and go outside to smoke or such but I have my daily clothes that I pick out and ill get dressed to go somewhere but the minute I’m home and its just my family the clothes come off. I just hate being twisted up in clothes. Lol…

PG. Omg that sounds glorious! I want to see everything! I want to see the lovely little small towns and the touristy spots. Santorini is my dream location. And I want to visit all the non tourist places in the outlying towns in Britain and such. sigh but it would cost me about $20k for my dream to come through cuz I have to think of all my travel expenses and then covering expenses at home while I’m gone for that 3-5 months.

Keep it coming peeps! Everything sounds wonderful!

You stole my answer! What are the chances that we'd both pick Iceland??

But my happy place is definitely at the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland. I've never felt so good in my life. I had an in-water massage - incredible. You're on a floating mattress so you don't even have to roll over to have your back massaged. It was March and they had snow showers so I'm in my bathing suit, with snow falling all around, but I'm warm and relaxed. Surreal.

I have been eating non stop today, so I’m so full I can’t think about food, but actually a big plate of home made Christmas cut outs I could not pass up… Yum
How about the number one beach in the US, Siesta key Florida, the sand is cool under your feet and feels like powdered sugar, I was so fortunate to take my mother there for her 70 th birthday, and again this year for mothers day. I would walk her to the edge of the water and being so unsteady on her feet, it took a lot of coaxing to get her 2 go in, once in, she could swim, what a joy!!! ( and the warm water gave my muscles such great relief) we sat in the water and floated on the gental waves, ah it felt so good! Hard part was helping her up when the current washed us to close to the shore, if someone was taping , it would win funniest video ever, we couldn’t get up and the more we laughed the harder it was. The best time ever!!!

That sounds awesome. When I hit the lottery, I will have to travel there just for a massage.

Awww. Ya’ll have such great dreams!

I have lots of wishes. Don’t know if any of them will come to fruition but it keeps my mind busy thinking of something other than the pain.

Another GREAT place for me is the women’s spa not to far from my home. They have 6 different hot tubs all at different temps for you to sit in. There’s one dry sauna and one wet sauna for you to rest in and four different mineral rooms for you to nap, read, or whisper with a friend in. One is a salt room at 98 degrees, a mugwart room at 101 degrees, a jade room at 107 and a mud room at 103. They are Sooo nice to just relax in for the day. You can use all these different rooms for a decent price for all day. Oh and they also have a room that had heated tile floors so you just lay on your bamboo mat to read or nap and its Sooo nice. For a bit more money they also do different body scribe, masks, detox wraps, and messages. You can get a body scrub, detox and massage for about $145. I used to do it about every 2-3 mo when I was working at the law firm but now money is soo tight I can only dream about it!

The only thing is you can’t be modest lol cuz you go in the they give you a hair cap, two towels, and a robe and you get buck naked and use the pools and such like you are taking a shower in your own home!

So what is everyone doing today?



We didn't take the taxis, but yeah, some of the food was scary. We didn't eat the fermented shark, whale, puffin, or "filet of foal" but the lamb was incredible and we tried the "Black Death." I LOVE the chocolate covered licorice and the Skyr was yummy too - can find some flavors of that at Whole Foods here.

I was called into work today. This is truely one of my happy places. I love to work. I would rather be in pain and at work than at home and laying in bed in pain. Grant it, its only when they really need me to be there but if I had the chance to be there 40 hrs a week I would jump at the chance.

I added a few pics of me. And things I like. I would love to have my own cupcakery. I know they are going up all over the place but its one thing I love to do. My favorite to make is my dark chocolate, peanutbutter filled cupcakes with a rich peanut butter cream cheese frosting. Yummo! What’s your favorite thing to make? We should have a post to trade recipies!

How is everyone today? I wish most of you weren’t on the east coast! I feel so alone!!! Lolol


OMG, Punkin, I want some of those cupcakes! Pretty please with a cherry on top. LOL

For me, my happy place is simply at home with my fiance and adorable cat who are always able to make me smile and laugh. :)

Another happy place that I don't go to often enough is by the lake. We have one near our house and just sitting by the water, listening to the waves, is the most peaceful relaxing feeling for me.

And another one, is my head in my fantasy books, what a great escape! :)

Aww what a beautiful image you've painted in my mind <3 I love being in the nature too, there is nothing more peaceful then being surrounded by trees, nature, and I just love the relaxing sound of flowing water and leaves rustling in the trees. :)

I love everything zombie XD