Without Medicine

It’s been three days now without my Cymbalta, and oh man am I in pain. And know one to really understand me, just you guys out there. So what happen was the receptionist never send the fax on the day that she was suppost to. I’m so mad because I called her three times before I stood without my meds. On Friday I had to go in person for her to fax the damn prescription. Well I was about to flip, but when I saw the old lady face I took back.
But I’m not going to let it happen again, that’s for sure.

I’m in so much pain that I don’t know what to do. I’ve been crying the whole day, away from the family I really don’t want them to see me like this. I’m always the strong one, the one that does everything, I can’t even give my kids hugs to sleep, and that’s what really HURTS the most.
I know you guys always understand, and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.
Have Good Week Everyone!


I’m so sorry you are so miserable.I tried to wean off my Savella and thought I was going to die so I understand. I hope you get your prescription soon.

That’s terrible , couldn’t the pharmacy give you a few … I know my pharmacist has done that for me , but he knows me & me scripts & dr’s. try calling and ask if they could give you a few till your script comes in , it can be done especially if its a med your not to stop … Unless its a mail order ?? Oh my heart goes out to you !!

Hang in there , we do understand your pain …
dee B

Oh Dear Yndira

That is just awful to be without your pain meds. It doesn't take long for the pain to really grab your body and twist it in agony. It's not like you just trusted them to send the fax on time. You called them three times and still they didn't do it. Did the receptionist apologise to you? It matters not her age, it is her job to do these things when she is supposed to.

I hope you get your meds tomorrow. As your body has missed several doses of the med it may take your body a day to catch up.......for the med to flood your system.

Yes, we do know what it feels like to be without the med and how frustrating it can be when somebody else is asleep at the switch!

Gentle hugs


I get my meds by mail, the receptionist knew that the prescription had to be fax two weeks before my meds finish. And that’s another thing she never apologized. And I went to the pharmacy and they told me that Cymbalta comes in a package that it can’t be broken. Hey what can I do, I’m going to wait and see if my meds will get here today.
Thank you.

Oh yndidav,

This is dangerous! I know the office is most likely understaffed and over worked, but this cannot happen, this is really unacceptable! I really think you need to get this straightened out with your Doctor, so you never have to go through this again!


Oh yes, we really do understand, you must be in agony! My heart goes out to you!

Sending some love,


I lost my job and insurance in July and FREAKED out because I, too, am on Cymbalta and know that the withdrawal from that is serious. I tried to go off of a similar med cold turkey without being warned and became suicidal. My husband was going to have me committed because we didn't know what was happening. Luckily my neighbor had some knowledge of antidepressants.

Have you tried contacting the company that makes Cymbalta? I am now receiving it through the mail at no cost to me at all...THANK GOD! Luckily, my doctors office is connected with a larger hospital system that has a department that got things moving for me. However, if you go directly to the Cymbalta website, there are links there to apply for help.

I wish you the best of luck and you will be in my prayers! I love all of you, gentle hugs!


How many m’s of Cymbalta are you on? Sue. I take 60 ,but no help with pain.

Yndidav, I so agree with SK. This is something that you need to discuss with your doctor and get something in place so that this never happens again. It is so unfair and needless for you to be without your pain medication. It just throws you into terrible pain until you get your pain meds and then takes a day or so for your body to get back to that level of medication.

Gentle hugs


Oh I am just imagining what pain you are in right now!!!! personally I only have to miss 1 dose and I am a wreck.
I literally can't talk for severe jaw pain and constant nausea, not to.mention the agony the rest of my body is in...
You are incredible, and its truly not fair that someone's actions (or should that be "lack" of actions, has left you suffering - even more than normal.
I'm going to say something really controversial here (and I apologise if any members are offended) but if you were a drug addict taking methadone - this would never have happened!

I am praying that you get your meds as soon as possible, and you can get back to some degree of normality.

Controversial or not Bev, I agree with your statement about a drug addict and methodone. Yes, I too am thrown into a lot of widespread debilitating pain if I miss one dose. I can only imagine how much pain I would be in if I missed a few days. It's not right and it's not fair.

Gentle hugs


I suggest going to the Emergency Room. They may be able to give you a script for a few days to hold you over. You are not surpose to stop cold turkey! Or call your doctors they may have samples.

Please let your Doctor know! They often have sample bottles in the office they can give you till yours come in! You should not just stop Cymbalta! I was only on it for 2 months and my Doctor made me take 3 weeks to wheen off it!! Please, please, please call your doctor and tell him/her what is going on! I can not imagine what it is like to just stop Cymbalta!! The pain, and all other side effects!! We suffer enough with Fibro, we don’t need t add to it because of mistakes others have made! I am sure the receptionist didn’t mean to forget, but I am also sure that she does not understand how severe the pain of Fibro can be!

I was going to call the doctor, but I’ve been the whole day today like I’m in space, don’t know if it’s the withdraw from the med or what. But the first thing tomorrow it’s to call the doctor.
Thank you again to everyone for listening.

I'm personally not offended. You are dead-right! I totally agree with your statement.

I've had the same issue with refills on my meds. It's unfair and unacceptable! Why is it necessary we have to suffer because people to seem to believe its not urgent for us to have our meds? I'll never understand that. But you definitely need ot discuss this with your doctor & put a plan in place so it doesn't happen again.

I pray you get your meds soon! I know the extreme pain you're in (I'vve gone a couple days without meds & couldn't even function) and I know how frustrated you are -- which doesn't help the pain at all!

Hang in there! big-fat air hugs to you, my fibro friend! xxoo

I am so sorry you had to go through this. I get my meds mail order so I don’t have to worry about them. I feel your pain. Gentle hugs Yndira.

So I went to the Doc today and he gave me Percocet. But before he gave to me he had to “check my record” Or they called CCT. To see that I’m not abusing pain killers. So he was telling me that if he doesn’t do it then he will get a fined of $2,000 dollars for each pill he’s prescribing me. Yeah “mouth open”, and all this because a patient of him was selling the Percocet $10 dollars for each. So we’re all suffering because of stupid and greedy people like that. It’s a shame that we have to cry and beg for what we really need. That we go to doctors appointments with no energy and no more tears to spare.
But I do have to say that I walked up today really positive, I was not going to let pain bit me up. So, I thank every one for all your kind words again. Thank you.


Hi. Sorry for all your pain. Definitely hear you. Just wondering how long have you been taking Cymbalta? Took it for six months and thought it was a God send then just stopped working.

Hi. I know how you feel. Sorry for your pain. I’ve experienced these problems as well. We are made to feel guilty or like criminals because we are seeking relief. I was made to feel very very embarrassed at one of my doctor’s (pain clinic). I am a registered nurse and went home and did 6 continuing educations units on addiction vs dependency. Yes we can become dependent without addiction. I brought the literature back to the doctor and gave him a lecture for the judgmental treatment I received. They would not treat cancer patients like this and we have severe pain as well. I never took medication before but the pain is unbearable. We deserve some quality of life.
Good luck.