Wondering how much does everyone sleep?

I was getting like 6 hours of sleep in my bed and then my girls would get up and I would sleep off and on in my chair for another like 4. I was finding it hard to get up. But lately they have changed their Schuyler and started sleeping in longer so I was getting 8 hours in my bed and then I was just getting up, but I noticed that I started to hurt more and I am thinking it might be linked to that little bit of extra sleep I was getting. I wish I could just sleep as long as I wanted but in my house that just doesn’t happen. I did however notice that the day after my worst flair day ever my aunt came and got my girls and I went back to bed and slept till noon and after that I felt tons better for a couple of days till is crept back on me again. Thanks for your input.

IHi rebecca every night is varied if I work at night or day if its at night seven hrs during the day its eight if I have the day off its eight if I'm out in the evening like Sunday I didn't get home until 9pm or maybe another church activity or the summer bandconcerts it will be seven hrs same with a work event I usually sleep seven to eight hours but sometimes its sixand a half hope that helps

It varies for me. Some nights I get maybe 2 hours of sleep if I am lucky, other days I can sleep for 18 hours. My partner says that I wake up every 15 minutes or so when I sleep to reposition myself, so I am guessing that is why I do not get any restful sleep. I never dream because I cannot get into a deep enough sleep to dream. Mikex

I know I wake up a lot and move around. I guess what I call sleep is just the time spent trying to sleep.

I have a hard time falling asleep. Once I’m asleep I can sleep until 2pm. I sleep through alarm clocks, telephone, door bell etc. on a typical work night I get 6-8 hours. I get home exhausted and sleep two hours. I sleep almost all weekend. It drives me nuts. (and my husband goes nuts)

Hi Rebecca,

I sleep in shifts, and never know how or when the sleep will come. My problem is back pain, SI joint damage, Spinal stenosis, that makes the tail bone curl, bulging disc hitting sciatic nerve, facet damage. Movement is sometimes very difficult, but laying too long stiffens me up. Hurts to lay on my back, hurts me to lay on my side, could never reallly get comfortable sleeping on my stomach.

Because I have Sjogrens, I am always too dry, eyes, mouth, so I drink water constantly, always have water on night stand, so I am in the bathroom often, sometimes I can go back to sleep, sometimes not.

Then there are the hyper-exhaustion nights, too tired to sleep. I have noticed that if that 'switch is thrown' for sleep time and I do not go immediately, if I push through it, then I am usually doomed, and can be up ALL night!

I think that about covers it now!! LOL

Hope you are getting a good night's sleep right now!

I see Renie is still up at 3:00am too!


I sleep about 8 hours a night. It's not actually 8 because I live with my sister and she's up early and wakes me up. So probably more like 7 or 6 1/2 hours. Then I usually collapse after getting home from work and sleep another 2-3 hours. If I sleep too much, I do get stiffer. Muscles really cramp up too. I think you're onto something, Rebecca. Too much sleep isn't good for us fibroids, either.

Oh, I know it, the longer you lay the stiffer you get!! The exhaustion is always such a factor though! So if you get up and move around, then by the time you shake off the stiffness, then you can't go back to sleep!