Alcohol & Fibro


Interested to know if anyone's had similar incidents to me whilst drinking alcohol.

Most Drs will tell you not to drink with meds, but my one says it's good to have one glass as it relaxes you. I've always found this true. Plus I'm married to a French Guy and my Dr is French, so you can't really escape wine at mealtimes LOL

However, sometimes I've had a bottle of wine and have gone a little crazy! I've become very agressive & do crazy things all of which I have absolutely NO memory of in the morning.

Anyone else had similar experiences?

It can be quite scary!

Well, I've had one bad experience with alcohol recently, that when I drank and tried to go to sleep, my body was in so much pain, all over. It was an intense throb that had me in tears. I'm not sure what went wrong, but I believe the drinking had a lot to do with it.

My old physiotherapist told me that one of the things that drinking does is increase your risk for injury. your joints become looser and your balance is off so it takes more effort for your body to remain upright. not only that but you are more prone to falling and you can hurt yourself more than you normally would if you fell without the influence of alcohol. He told me that this is why I actually hurt MORE when I drank, and I had thought I was drinking to ease the pain

mixing alcohol with my meds always makes me feel sick right away, and i usually vomit.