Anyone else been contacted requarding recall of medicine used in lumbar spinal injects?

Hi was just wondering if anyone else has received a call from their pain management office requarding the recall of medication that was used in spinal epidurals?

Also if so, what were you advised to do?

Thanks, Tina

No but I did my treatments about 2 years ago. Man, you must have been pretty disquieted to get this call. Have you had the procedure lately? Have you been advised of what to do? Have you a good idea of what the symptoms of fungal meningitis are?

I hope you don't need to think about it anymore but please do keep the symptoms in the back of your mind, Tina.

Hi Tina,

I have not had injections for years, but cringed to find out my husband had a dental injection today at the VA dentist! Hopefully they are on top of this.

He said that Meningitis was always a concern with barracks living in the service, that it was one of the reasons everything was scrubbed and sprayed!

SK, I think the company that released the bad batches has voluntarily recalled all of their drugs. I would hope that means that none are left floating around. Presumably they are now off market and other companies are supplying drugs for dentists and such.

Usually when a recall happens of medications, they contact the facilities immediately. In the doctor's office, it was always by fax. I never received a telephone call in 12 years--scary, right?

The items in question are pulled from stock immediately, packed up, and sent to either the CDC, FDA, or back to the manufacturer. Sometimes destroyed, depending on the item.

Just hope that someone found that fax.

Sign up for the FDA alerts-- there is a LOT more recalls on these things than you would expect!

Thanks for the heads up, Renie. I'll sign up for them, now that you've explained their importance.

Tina, we haven't heard from you in a week or more and I'm truly concerned. Your last posting indicated concern over whether or not you'd received one of the bad lots of steroids that was causing the fungal meningitis outbreak. You were suffering from severe symptoms, including headaches. I'm hoping you're finally doing better and that you didn't get the tainted batch of steroids. Can you please jot us a line to let us know how you're making out? I've been worrying about you since you posted that message.



Hi Petunia,

Thank you for your concern. I am doing much better! I ended up with a severe sinus infection as well as an inter ear infection. I have been on an antibiotic for the past 5 days. I went to the doctor and followed up with bloodwork and a catscan of my head. Both tests came back clear so I am feeling very relieved.

I have been sleeping alot and trying to take it easy! I have still been having a slight headache but it is much better. I feel like I have been so out of it this past week.

Sorry it took me so long to post. I have a lot of catching up to do. I haven't read any post for almost a week!

Thanks again for you concern. I hope you are doing well. I will be reading over the post from the past week and will be in touch.

Hugs, Tina

I heard today on the news that the reason this could happen is that this company is not catagorized as a drug production company, but as a compounding facility, and does not carry the same strict regulations. I do believe this will change.

Tina perhaps you could tell us how long it would take for a patient to react to the tainted injections. Perhaps your husband could give us and idea, I cannot seem to find an answer. I don't even know how long ago the people who became ill or lost their lives were last injected. Any idea of the timeline?

Hope you are feeling better,


They say symptoms usually start within 1-4 weeks, but this form of meningitis is rare and they have little experience. I have also read that it may take months for some people to actually develop the infection.

SK I think they will be learning as they go with this outbreak of meningitis due to it being rare and the fact that they are dealing with thousands of patients that received tainted injections.

So far they have 271 cases in 16 states with 21 deaths. They are saying most deaths were due to strokes caused by the infection.

Oh thank GOD! I can't tell you how relieved I feel knowing that you're okay and feeling better. That was VERY scary, Tina, and then when you didn't come back, I had no way of knowing how you'd made out.

See, diagnosing online really doesn't pay, does it? You had a sinus infection (WHEW!) not a drug interaction or fungal meningitis. I truly am so relieved! Heck, you must be too! YAAAAAAY!

My pain mgmt person told me that it happened because the drug company was hand packing the drugs, instead of using sterilized instruments. BUT apparently they didn't know it would be used in people's backs. Still, the idea of hand packing the drugs, instead of using sterlized instruments is really disgusting.

Yes! I can't tell you how relieved I feel! It was scary having headaches and dizziness. When I started running a slight tempature I knew I needed to get checked out!

I was being a little slow because I was afraid they would want to start with a spinal tap and I really didn't want to go there! Anyway I am feeling better but am still fighting the light head feeling. I feel a little off balance and its a little annoying. However, I am feeling blessed to have been spared a much worse fate!

Hugs, Tina